❶ Eyelashes: Build Or Grow?

❶ Eyelashes: Build Or Grow?
❶ Eyelashes: Build Or Grow?

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Eyelashes: build or grow?
Eyelashes: build or grow?

Long and thick eyelashes - how you want to have such! But what if they, alas, are not your pride? You can build up eyelashes in the nearest salon and charm fans with one wave of your "new" beauties today. Or you can show a little patience and grow the same luxurious, but your own. Location: Location:

Nourishing oils will help to grow eyelashes - castor, burdock, peach, almond, wheat germ oil. Apply any of these oils to the eyelashes either alone or mixed with an oil solution of vitamin E, you will notice the result after two weeks of regular use.

Apply a drop of oil to your finger, bring it to your lashes, and blink the oil from roots to ends. Repeat this procedure every evening for a month, once a week is enough after receiving noticeable results. Try to refrain from using mascara during oil treatment.

To avoid eye swelling, do not leave burdock or castor oil on the skin overnight, two hours of exposure to the eyelashes is enough. Gently blot off any remaining oil with a tissue.

Mix equal amounts of castor and burdock oils, brandy, petroleum jelly. This "magic" mixture will help grow and strengthen your eyelashes, giving them shine.

Eyelash care is not limited to the regular use of oils; you can also pamper them with compresses made from herbal infusions or strong brewed black tea.

To prepare the infusion, take a tablespoon of chamomile flowers or cornflower, pour a glass of boiling water, cover and let it brew for at least an hour. Strain. Soak cotton pads in the resulting liquid, apply to your eyes for ten minutes. Use the infusion, repeating this procedure several times throughout the day.

It is useful not only for the growth of eyelashes, compresses moisturize and soothe the skin around the eyes, relieve redness and swelling.

To grow beautiful, long eyelashes, do not neglect your daily grooming. Be sure to remove makeup at night with special eye makeup remover milk, if possible without using soap. Use a quality eye cream, it also affects the nutrition of the eyelashes.

Using nourishing oils and medicinal infusions, without forgetting about systematic care, you can grow gorgeous eyelashes without any problems. The most important thing is persistence and patience.

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