❶ Organic Cosmetics: Action, Composition And Effectiveness

❶ Organic Cosmetics: Action, Composition And Effectiveness
❶ Organic Cosmetics: Action, Composition And Effectiveness

Video: ❶ Organic Cosmetics: Action, Composition And Effectiveness

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Organic cosmetics: action, composition and effectiveness
Organic cosmetics: action, composition and effectiveness

Now the world is experiencing a real "eco-boom". This is understandable, because such cosmetics are not tested on animals, do not contain synthetic components, and in their essence is a product of Mother Nature and modern high technologies. Location: Location:

Organic cosmetics are cosmetics, the ingredients of which are natural, but in addition, they must also be grown in ecologically clean conditions without the use of various kinds of chemical fertilizers.

This type of cosmetics is usually labeled "Organic" or "Bio". Under no circumstances should this cosmetics contain:

- perfumery fragrances;

- glycols;

- silicone;

- mineral oils;

- dyes;

- preservatives;

- refined products.

If the amount of components of inorganic origin exceeds 5%, then such cosmetics can no longer be called organic.

Even the packaging must be natural. As a rule, it is made from biodegradable plastic, paper, in very rare cases - glass, and the inscriptions are applied with natural paints. The label must indicate the entire list of components and indicate the certificate.

How do organic cosmetics work?

Natural ingredients are absorbed by the skin many times better. Due to natural fatty acids, the protective functions of the skin are restored and maintained. Unlike synthetic cosmetics, organic ones are characterized by a longer lasting effect. Herbal ingredients trigger certain self-healing mechanisms of the skin, without disrupting the natural rhythms of the body.

What is the difference between organic and natural cosmetics?

All cosmetics based on herbal ingredients are divided into natural and organic. Natural cosmetics will be called if it contains natural substances. At the same time, the manufacturing company does not need to obtain special certificates.

Organic cosmetics must meet stringent requirements. There is no single standard for this kind of cosmetics in the world, and so far you can see Ecocert or Cosmebio marks on French organic cosmetics, and BDIH on German ones.

Effectiveness of organic cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are non-toxic and promote the elimination of toxins from the body. Its molecules are almost identical to those of our skin, and therefore it is absorbed much faster than our usual cosmetics. Of course, these are not the rejuvenating apples of our time, it alone works faster than other high-quality cosmetics, while organic cosmetics almost do not cause allergic reactions.

Advantages and disadvantages of organic cosmetics

The main advantage of organic cosmetics is safety and precisely because they do not contain synthetic products. This fact alone can inspire confidence in these products. The main disadvantage of this cosmetics can be considered its short shelf life. Although, if you think about it, then any cosmetic products after a long time lose their healing properties. Also, the smell of organic cosmetics is not so much pleasant - it is herbal. Unfortunately, not all plants smell like rose or jasmine.

Organic cosmetics is a sensible approach to your health and a thrifty attitude to your money, since despite its quality and natural origin, the price for it is not as high as you might expect.

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