❶ Concealer: Mask Skin Problems

❶ Concealer: Mask Skin Problems
❶ Concealer: Mask Skin Problems

Video: ❶ Concealer: Mask Skin Problems

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Concealer: masking skin problems
Concealer: masking skin problems

A concealer is an indispensable tool for masking small but very annoying skin defects. It is very convenient and is intended specifically for spot work, and not for leveling the tone of the entire face. The choice of concealer depends on the application. If you intend to mask the circles under the eyes - it is better to choose a concealer with a moist, light texture, which would be easy to "smudge". If concealer is required to eliminate rashes or single pimples, a drier consistency is preferable. Location: Location:

To correctly retouch light cosmetic defects on the face, it is important not only to choose the texture of the concealer and master the basic makeup techniques, but also to choose the desired color.

Blue under the eyes is one of the most popular problems that almost every modern woman faces. Do not try to "cover" them with a concealer of light, almost white tones - then there will be ugly white circles under the eyes, on the contrary, attracting attention. A warm peach shade is more suitable here, which will successfully hide the blue. In general, it is better to mask any bruises with an orange-peach color. The texture of this concealer should be as light as possible. It should be applied on the eye gel with light strokes and in no case in a solid line.

It is better to correct individual inflamed pimples locally, and not try to "level" them with the general skin tone. It is more reasonable to use a concealer that is most suitable in tone to the skin, but a slightly yellowish tint. It should be applied pointwise and in very small quantities, almost without smearing.

To hide small bursting vessels, you need to use a yellowish-bluish concealer, which should be applied to dry skin and gently shaded.

Cosmetic blemishes such as age spots are best concealed with a dense, dry textured concealer, gently blending and dusting on top. Such a concealer will stay on the skin for a long time and, most importantly, mask darkening well.

But bags under the eyes are best hidden with a lightweight concealer slightly darker than the skin. You can not use a light color, which will only highlight the flaws.

Also, when applying concealer, remember that the concealer is not for the entire face, but only for small individual areas. However, if you follow the rules, concealer will help make almost any face perfect.

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