❶ How To Make Your Face Shine

❶ How To Make Your Face Shine
❶ How To Make Your Face Shine

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How to make your face shine
How to make your face shine

Leather, like the models on the cover, is the object of desires of many women. But not everyone can boast of the same. And often it's not just the inability to use decorative cosmetics. Internal health is instantly reflected in the skin. Location: Location: Before running to the store for makeup, pay attention to your skin. Redness, inflammation, acne and acne spots, age spots, flaking - all this does not allow her to look healthy and beautiful. Quite often, all this is the result of a wrong lifestyle. Rare walks in the fresh air, eating on the run, lack of sleep have the most negative effect on the skin. Therefore, before glossing over the flaws, think, it might be better to get rid of them forever. But in some cases, you may need the help of a dermatologist or endocrinologist.

Take good care of your skin. Don't forget about the cleansing ritual. Be sure to remove your makeup before bed and wash your face with a product that's right for your skin type. Use a cleansing mask once or twice a week. After all, the accumulated dead cells make the skin dull and lifeless. After that, be sure to moisturize it.

For tired skin to look its best, use products containing vitamin C. But in large quantities, it can cause allergic reactions. So try a small area of ​​your skin before using a new product. And to start the process of skin renewal, use products with vitamin A (retinol).

If radiant skin "wants" right now, then various decorative means will come to the rescue. Start by applying a smoothing makeup base with reflective particles to your skin. It will not only make the skin smoother, but also give it a beautiful glow. Apply a thin layer of foundation.

Cover up any skin imperfections with concealer. Pay special attention to the area under the eyes. Bruises under them should not spoil the overall appearance. Disguise them with a liquid concealer. A highlighter will help to "highlight" this area.

Also, the highlighter is applied to the area under the eyebrow, along the cheekbones, on the wings of the nose and, if desired, along the contour of the lips. Loose powder of the finest grinding will help to fix the makeup. Only in this case you will get a naturally glowing skin, not a mask.

And don't forget to smile. It will help to shine any image.

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