❶ How To Apply Eyeliner

❶ How To Apply Eyeliner
❶ How To Apply Eyeliner

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How to apply eyeliner
How to apply eyeliner

Applying eyeliner takes care, precision, and practice. This must be done correctly. Once you learn how to use your eyeliner, you can play with creating different looks. Often, this cosmetic product alone is enough to make the eyes more expressive or completely change the facial expression. Location: Location: Several cosmetics are available for eyeliner. This is liquid eyeliner, eyeliner or compact eyeshadow.

A basic rule of thumb in applying eyeliner is to learn to draw the line as close to the base of the lashes as possible to avoid gaps between the pencil line and the lashes.

Use a magnifying mirror to help you draw the line accurately and easily. Sit in front of a mirror and bring your face closer so that your eyes are as large as possible. With your free hand, gently pull the upper eyelid down. Then draw a continuous line.

It does not matter in which direction to take it: starting from the outer or from the inner corner of the eye. It all depends on whether you are right-handed or left-handed and what kind of eye you paint.

By adjusting the pressure on the brush or pencil, give the desired line thickness. If it turns out too thin, then run it again along the entire length.

If you prefer to use a pencil, draw some lines on the back of your hand before tracing the eyelid. This will soften the lead and glide better over the eyelid.

To draw the inner line of the eye, pull the lower eyelid slightly down and draw it above the lashes.

Eyeliner is performed using a special thin beveled brush. A small amount of shadows are collected on it, excess is removed and lines are drawn along the outer edges of the upper and lower eyelids.

For a richer color, you can wet the eyeshadow liner. To do this, soak a brush in cold boiled water. Dip the excess on a napkin and pick up the shadows of the desired color, then apply them on the eyelid. The eyeliner made in this way lasts a long time and does not crumble, while it looks very bright and interesting.

Creating perfect eyeliner lines is a difficult process, but if you practice and believe in yourself, you can learn how to make a contour quickly and accurately.

A little trick: if you trace the contour lines of the eye with a white pencil, you get the effect of increasing proteins.

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