❶ How To Save Money On Cosmetics

❶ How To Save Money On Cosmetics
❶ How To Save Money On Cosmetics

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How to save money on cosmetics
How to save money on cosmetics

The cosmetics market is replete with bright packaging and "miraculous" products: skin care products will make you young and healthy, and decorative cosmetics will endow you with unprecedented beauty. However, it is not always worth believing advertisements, and not every cosmetic product is really worth the big money for which it is sold in stores. Location: Location:

Do not spare money on yourself. Take care of yourself, pamper yourself with good cosmetics and delicate fragrances. Saving is a smart waste of money, not greed and doubt. Thinking about the benefits, buy what is really important to you.

Keep cosmetics in a special order and cleanliness. Check when this or that product ends, how long its shelf life is. When you go to the store, you should clearly know what cosmetics you will need in the near future, and with which purchase you can still wait.

Find out about all the promotions and discounts in cosmetics stores. It may be more profitable for you to make a purchase at a store with special offers than with a discount card at another store.

Choose your cosmetics wisely. When buying mascara, read the composition carefully. It is possible that the composition of the cheaper mascara is identical or even better than that of the expensive one. Don't overpay for a well-known brand or beautiful ad.

If you really need to save money on mascara, but for a special holiday you need beautiful long eyelashes, choose cosmetics at a modest price, but of decent quality - so that makeup does not drip at a crucial moment. "Draw" long voluminous eyelashes can be simple mascara, but resorting to some techniques: use a clean brush left over from your favorite mascara. After the first coat of black paint, apply some loose powder to your lashes. Apply a second coat of mascara. Your eyelashes will be extra voluminous.

If you are using cosmetics in pairs, decide what you can save on and what really costs you. For example, a pair of foundation blush. The foundation is absorbed into the skin and stays on throughout the day. Choose a foundation specifically for your skin type, and only from reputable companies. Don't skimp on the health of your skin! On the other hand, blush does not adhere directly to the skin, but is applied to the cream layer. Choose a blush that is cheaper to match your complexion. Don't believe the advertisements for increased durability of blush: basically, the durability is the same.

Lip gloss will not have high durability either. You can opt for this product for a modest price, with a focus on lipstick. Unlike gloss, it can actually last for several hours and saturate your lips with vitamins. Invest in lipstick, and cheap gloss can also refresh its shine. If you're only using lip gloss, decide if you need a lip-care formulation or compensate for the lack of it by applying a moisturizer overnight.

Many manufacturers of cosmetics for skin and hair care attract customers with the natural composition of their products. Why overpay for natural remedies inside chemicals when you can just use natural recipes? Make face packs with fresh vegetables and fruits, especially in summer. Instead of tonic, wipe your face with a cube of frozen chamomile infusion. Make nail baths with warm infusion of oak bark.

Healing clay is an excellent base for hair and face masks. Buy it from a pharmacy, dilute according to the instructions (it will take a couple of minutes), apply to the skin and rest for about 20 minutes while the mask nourishes your skin. Putting ordinary tea bags over your eyes after drinking tea will refresh your eye color and remove swelling.

If you have young and healthy skin, you can naturally maintain its beauty. Buy an inexpensive cream (you can use a regular baby cream) and add aromatic oils to it. Citrus fruits are suitable for oily skin with enlarged pores, lavender for sensitive skin, jasmine and ylang-ylang for normal to combination. At night, you can apply a transport (base) oil to the skin instead of a cream. Buy them only from a pharmacy, where you will be advised on the use of this natural remedy. You can also buy liquid vitamins in capsules at the pharmacy. Add them to the cream according to the dosage and your skin will be transformed in a few applications.

An excellent face and body scrub will be obtained from a mixture of natural ground coffee and sour cream.

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