❶ How To Look Younger And Prettier

❶ How To Look Younger And Prettier
❶ How To Look Younger And Prettier

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How to look younger and prettier
How to look younger and prettier

After reaching a certain age, every woman begins to think about prolonging youth. Who doesn't want to stay fresh and youthful? Of course, mature age is not very compatible with this, but it is quite possible to look 10-15 years younger. Take the recommendations of stylists and makeup artists as a basis and be young and beautiful at any age! Location: Location: With age, the skin of the face and neck under the influence of the external environment becomes dry and wrinkles appear on it. Skin aging can be pushed back by taking care of it constantly - using carefully selected nourishing creams and cosmetics.

Equally important for the youthfulness of the skin is a sufficient amount of water entering the cells of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to consume at least two liters of water per day. Also, be sure to use moisturizers that protect your skin from drying out.

For a foundation, use a light foundation instead of powder. It masks fine wrinkles and visually refreshes the face due to its moisturizing effect, while the powder dries the skin and adds wrinkles.

You can give your face freshness with the help of pink blush; other tones will make aging skin even older.

Use light eyeshadow, dark ones add age. Beige, white, pink colors are suitable, it is better to choose shadows with shine, and not matte.

Choose a glossy lipstick or cover it with lip gloss, it will make your lips look fuller and smoother.

Be sure to pay attention to hair color and hairstyle. Dark hair makes the face look older with age, so dye your hair lighter than when you were younger. But do not overdo it, hair damaged by discoloration will not decorate anyone.

A short hairstyle rejuvenates the face, but if the habit of wearing long hair is stronger, you can make any bangs to your liking. It will divert attention away from the lower part of the face, where wrinkles are usually more visible.

Take good care of your hair, it also becomes drier with age and requires no less nourishment than the skin. Use nourishing hair masks, take vitamins.

Clothes should be elegant in accordance with age, do not get carried away with dark and flashy colors. Restraint and good cut will emphasize the merits and hide figure flaws.

Do not refuse shoes with heels, let it be lower, but always graceful in shape. Complete with a beautiful outfit, such shoes accentuate the light young gait.

Enjoy life and delight those around you with your youth and beauty.

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