❶ Shilak - A New Way To Beautiful Nails

❶ Shilak - A New Way To Beautiful Nails
❶ Shilak - A New Way To Beautiful Nails

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Shilak - a new way to beautiful nails
Shilak - a new way to beautiful nails

Today the nail art industry is developing very rapidly. In connection with this process, a large number of new technologies appear. One of them is shilak. This is the very first hybrid of gel and varnish. Unlike ordinary varnish, shilak stays on the nails for 2-3 weeks. However, it does not lose its original qualities and color. Location: Location: What is shilak

Visually, you will not guess that this is a shilak-manicure. This coating does not have any external differences from ordinary varnish. Its peculiarity lies in the property of the modeling gel, which is part of the shilak coating.

It is applied in a special way, which is not like coating with an ordinary professional varnish. The modeling gel hardens exclusively under the influence of ultraviolet rays, which is why the layers are applied in stages, each of which must be dried under a special ultraviolet lamp.

Shilak coating on the nails lasts for at least two weeks. It won't rub off, scratch, or chip. Also, this coating protects nails and makes them healthier, since it has hypoallergenic properties and is marked with a 3 free sign, which means the absence of toluene, formaldehyde and its resins, dibutyl phthalate.

The disadvantages of this manicure include only the fact that not all salons can offer you this new procedure and, accordingly, a higher price category compared to other types of manicure. So why not try making shilak at home?

How shilak is applied

To make a shilak coating at home, you need to purchase an ultraviolet lamp, several colored shilak, a basic shilak coating, a top coat and a shilak remover for manicure.

Application technology

In contrast to the gel, which requires cutting off the nail plate, for the shilak coating it is enough to remove moisture and fat from the nails using special means. Then apply a base layer of shilak on the nails, which ensures the connection of the varnish with the nail plate. Then dry your nails in the lamp for 10-15 seconds. Next, a colored shilak-coating is applied and dried in a lamp for 2 minutes. The last layer is the fixer, which gives the coating the shine and the required strength. The top shilak coating is also dried under a lamp for two minutes.

It is removed quite easily. The nails are treated with cotton pads, which are moistened with a special liquid to remove the shilak coating.

After removal, the nails remain healthy and beautiful, and also look great. If you want, you can immediately do a new shilak-manicure, this will not negatively affect the condition of your nails.

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