❶ Lipstick For Blondes

❶ Lipstick For Blondes
❶ Lipstick For Blondes

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Lipstick for blondes
Lipstick for blondes

Bright eyes and blond hair, delicate porcelain skin - a rare man will not turn around after a natural blonde. It seems that perfect beauty cannot be spoiled by anything. However, an improperly selected lipstick can make a delicate look vulgar. Location: Location:

And to prevent this from happening, lipstick should be chosen according to the appearance. It's no secret that the main color for fair-haired girls is pastel pink. But blondes are different. Skin color ranges from white to bronze, and eyes can be brown, green, or blue. Therefore, you need to select an individual lipstick tone based on all aspects of your appearance.

If your eyes are gray or blue, your skin is porcelain and your hair is honey or wheat ears, a gentle pastel tone will suit you. During the day - light pink or pinkish yellow. In the evening - light coral, beige pink or just pink.

For a woman with light brown, dark blonde hair, fair skin and blue or gray eyes, light and golden tones will be most suitable. In the daytime - light pink, golden pink and beige. And in the evening - coral shades.

Blue-eyed, gray-eyed and brown-eyed girls, fair-skinned and with ashy hair can confidently paint their lips with peach and pink lipstick. During the day, pink and yellow-pink tones look good, and for evening makeup - rich light coral or beige-pink colors.

If the hair is very lightened, and the girl herself has dark skin and gray, brown or blue eyes, then the lipstick should be purchased in beige, light red and golden tones. Plum-colored lipstick looks very good.

If you stick to the correct palette, you will always look natural. And today, naturalness is the most popular trend in the art of makeup.

Often blondes paint their lips with red lipstick. It does not suit everyone, and instead of lightness and transparency, it gives the appearance a certain ponderousness. If you are firm in your belief that red is the best tone for you, then use muted shades.

And remember, to highlight the dignity, you should harmoniously combine all the colors of the makeup. And lipstick shouldn't be in stark contrast to other colors.

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