❶ Daily Office Makeup

❶ Daily Office Makeup
❶ Daily Office Makeup

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Daily makeup for the office
Daily makeup for the office

Today, no one is surprised when companies impose certain requirements on the appearance of employees - for their clothes, hairstyle and, of course, makeup. However, many still believe that anything that is allowed to be worn in the office is incredibly boring. But not makeup! Of course, bright colors, pearlescent shine and numerous shades in it are inappropriate. But even without them, a business lady's make-up can remain energetic and eye-catching. Location: Location: In office make-up, it is customary to use soft, matte, calm tones, "satin" textures. And no shine: the abundance of contrasting colors and paints distracts and tires. As with any other type of makeup, it is recommended to focus on one thing - for example, highlighted eyes and at the same time soft lips.

The procedure for applying business makeup is not much different from the everyday one. However, one thing to keep in mind is that what looks great in your bathroom or car mirror usually looks bad in the bright light of office lamps. Even the most sophisticated makeup, done predominantly in cold tones, can make the face sore and earthy.

Prepare in advance and always keep everything you need in your cosmetic bag - that is, what you will use every day.

1. Apply day cream (makeup base). It can be protective or moisturizing depending on the weather and season.

2. Now comes the turn of the foundation. It is best to use a cream in two shades: a tone darker and a tone lighter than the natural skin tone. Mix and apply them to your face for a natural and even complexion. Then, using a special brush or puff, apply powder with light movements, then blush. The blush shade is mostly muted. They are applied with quick movements in the direction from bottom to top. Areas of application - forehead, cheeks, tip of the nose and chin. It is advisable to use a special brush, thanks to which the blush will lay down smoother.

3. Next, shape the eyebrows. Paint them with eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil and style with a special gel. Give the shape in advance - the night before or on a weekend. The fact is that after the plucking procedure, local skin irritation and redness may occur, which will disappear only after a few hours.

4. Apply eyeshadow and pencil. Shadows can be taken in any color that suits your suit and external data, but a delicate, light or muted shade. Avoid too dark, as well as cold tones - gray and blue. Apply them better using a soft blending technique - no hard edges. Use a pencil to match your eye color to highlight them. Black or brown is suitable for brown, gray or brown for green, dark gray for blue and dark blue eyes. After the tone of the shadows is selected, the contour is selected. It is undesirable to use liquid eyeliner, because it gives a too sharp line - it is more suitable for evening makeup. Also ditch smoky-eyes and cat-eye-style arrows.

5. For daytime office makeup, it is better to use regular black mascara, which does not stick lashes and separates them well. It is important that it does not give a casual effect. For a business lady, the rules of good manners prescribe only a black shade of mascara. No other colors are allowed, not even dark brown.

6. When choosing lipstick, give preference to soft shades: caramel, brown, coral, cream. The main thing is to avoid beige, which blends well with the tone of the face and also gives the teeth a yellowish tint. Also, the work dress code allows for some rich colors: these can be berry or wine colors. Purple, scarlet and hot pinks, however, should be avoided.

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