❶ Hair Transplantation: Pros And Cons

❶ Hair Transplantation: Pros And Cons
❶ Hair Transplantation: Pros And Cons

Video: ❶ Hair Transplantation: Pros And Cons

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Hair transplant
Hair transplant

Hair has long ceased to be perceived only as a mechanism of natural maintenance of the microclimate of the scalp and its protection from sudden changes in ambient temperatures. Hair is of great social importance, giving a certain style with the help of various haircuts and other tricks of modern fashion, such as, for example, styling, curling, dyeing or bleaching. Not all men have them so thick, and over time, expanding bald patches and bald patches begin to appear. Location: Location:

There are various lotions and pill formulations that stimulate hair growth. However, they are effective for about 10% of people with hair loss problems. The general statistics is that approximately 40% of all men, to one degree or another, begin to show signs of focal alopecia. In women, this happens much less often.

The reason lies in the difference in hormonal systems in the female and male sex. In women, in most cases, there is no predominance of male sex hormones. They are the ones that negatively affect the hair. However, not all hairs react poorly to the male hormone testosterone, but only genetically sensitive hair follicles (follicles) in the front of the hair and on the crown. This is a genetic predisposition.

Modern methods of transplantation have achieved the survival rate of the transplanted follicles from 90% to almost 100% of the result. There are various "pluses" from such an operation to transplant your own hair roots from areas that are insensitive to testosterone into the balding area. But there are also disadvantages.


- hair continues to grow similarly to areas of the head without baldness;

- the operation does not lead to scarring of the scalp at the sites of surgical intervention;

- no need to rub in lotions, take drugs to reduce sensitivity to testosterone;

- the need for a wig or masking hairpiece disappears;

- except through this method, it is not yet possible to restore hair for people who have wide scars of the scalp or areas where hair does not grow for one reason or another, for example, after plastic surgery for burns;

- the aesthetic component of the patient's self-perception is restored.


- one operation takes about six hours (depending on the planned number of transplants);

- one procedure is not enough to restore hair density, but three or four are required;

- specialists in such interventions are available mainly in large cities;

- the cost of the operation increases, depending on the amount of transplanted hair;

- This is a very expensive procedure, and most men are not ready for such large expenses.

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