❶ Light Skin Or Tan?

❶ Light Skin Or Tan?
❶ Light Skin Or Tan?

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Light skin or tan?
Light skin or tan?

Fashion is a fickle lady and dictates its own terms not only in clothes and hairstyles, but also in skin tone. In summer it is fashionable to have a chocolate or bronze tan, in winter to whiten your skin. How to keep up with the latest trends? Location: Location:

In fact, fashion is not the main thing, the main thing is style. Your own perception and decision of what is right for you and what is not. If you are the owner of dark skin, do you need to whiten it, spending huge amounts of money on a beautician and funds? If you naturally have aristocratic pallor, it is hardly worth burning your skin in a solarium, applying a mask from a foundation. All this looks, at least, ridiculous. But you can slightly adjust your image without going beyond your own style.

If you want to tan a little, prepare your skin. To do this, the day before sunburn, it is necessary to remove dead cells. This can be done with peeling or scrub. You can find them in cosmetic stores or pharmacies, or you can make your own. For example, take thick freshly brewed coffee, add a few tablespoons of honey and shower gel. This scrub will perfectly remove dead cells, give the body a delicious aroma and even a delicate bronze tint from coffee.

After applying the scrub, apply a moisturizing lotion to the skin and let it absorb. The next day you can sunbathe. If you want to tan naturally, don't forget to use sun protection oil. It has a low protection factor, which allows you to get a darker complexion without harming it. If you sunbathe in a tanning bed, be sure to use special creams before and after sunbathing to prevent the negative effects of UV rays on your skin. Also, don't forget to glue the stikis, wear glasses, and hide your hair under a hat.

The solarium and the beach have a lot of contraindications - you cannot sunbathe for pregnant and lactating women, people with oncology or poor heredity in this regard. But do not be upset - there is a way out! It's a self-tanner. It can be applied in the salon to the skin using a special airbrush. This tan will last long enough. And you can use bronzers at home. Cosmetic stores offer a fairly large selection of products - sprays, creams, and gels. Only, after applying the product to the whole body, do not forget to wash your hands, otherwise they will acquire a yellowish tint.

If your choice fell on aristocratic pallor, try whitening your skin. Self-tanning can be washed off in 1-2 washings with saline solution. Natural tanning from the beach or solarium can be removed with a variety of whitening creams and masks. If you are an adherent of natural cosmetics, you can make a whitening mask at home. Take two tablespoons of oatmeal and cover them with kefir or sour cream. Apply the resulting mass on your face and keep it on for 30 minutes. You can also wipe your face with 1% kefir twice a day, and after a week your skin will become noticeably lighter.

Light skin does not hide flaws, unlike dark skin, therefore it requires more careful care. Do cleansing masks, visit a beautician.

Remember, you can't keep up with capricious fashion and it's up to you what shade your skin should be.

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