❶ How To Decorate Natural Nails

❶ How To Decorate Natural Nails
❶ How To Decorate Natural Nails

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How to decorate natural nails
How to decorate natural nails

Fashion for "natural beauty" is timeless. This explains why girls pay so much attention to the design of short natural nails. Professionally decorated nails will hide imperfections and make marigolds unique. Location: Location: Owners of short natural nails can visually lengthen their nails. For this, it is best to use bright and dark varnishes. It is not necessary to apply light, and especially pearlescent varnish on short nails, as it will visually expand the nail plates.

It is not recommended to use horizontal lines in the design of short natural nails. On the contrary, the drawing should contain vertical lines: this will make the marigolds appear longer.

A great option for short nails is a jacket. The white tip creates the illusion of a grown nail. Here you can experiment, for example, move the "smile" line closer to the base of the nail plate or make an angled jacket.

If the short nails are too wide, the jacket will not help: here you will have to resort to other tricks. The emphasis should be placed on the drawing in the center of the nail, which would be separated by vertical lines.

You should not completely cover your nails with a pattern, as this may make them appear wider. In addition, when choosing a design for wide nails, it is better to refuse large elements and transverse lines. In this case, an elegant, small pattern running along the nail is ideal.

Irregular marigolds can be corrected by appropriately positioning the pattern and choosing the color of varnish used. For example, nail plates covered with dark varnish visually decrease, and they seem more light. In view of this, if the nails taper towards the free edge, it is better to use dark tones at the base, and light ones at the tip.

Natural nails are painted with varnishes, water-acrylic paints, colored powders and glitter using needles, gel pens and even toothpicks. Drawing can be done on wet or dry varnish. The final result depends on the skill of the master and his imagination.

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