❶ How To Make A Clay Mask

❶ How To Make A Clay Mask
❶ How To Make A Clay Mask

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How to make a clay mask
How to make a clay mask

The most ancient remedy invented by nature itself and allowing to preserve beauty and youth is clay. By concentrating minerals in itself, it cleanses the skin and makes it fresher. Clay masks are easy to make and available to everyone. Location: Location: Before making a clay mask, it is advisable to understand its properties. Each of its types has its own unique qualities and helps to solve certain skin problems.

Clays vary in color and composition, but any type of clay can be used for a cleansing mask. Pink clay fights premature wrinkles, green clay improves the condition of oily skin, blue clay is used for dry skin. White is good for normal skin.

Clay masks are applied to a previously cleansed face. The powder can be diluted in plain water, herbal decoction or mineral water. The amount of clay is taken arbitrarily, depending on the desired volume of the future mask. In consistency, it should resemble medium-fat sour cream.

In this way, a mask base is obtained to which a variety of ingredients can be added. For dry skin, it can be a few drops of vegetable or essential oils, and for oily skin, lemon juice.

The clay for the face is applied to the skin in an even layer, except for the overly sensitive areas around the eyes. There, clay can provoke the appearance of premature wrinkles. The smoother the clay layer, the better its absorption properties. You can use cosmetic spatulas for this, but clay is applied to the face with your hands quite simply.

Do not keep the mask on your face for too long, 10-15 minutes is enough to achieve the result. If the clay dries up on the face, forming a hard crust, then it begins to draw additional moisture from the skin cells, drying it out.

The clay is washed off with cool water, in order to facilitate the procedure, you can first slightly moisten your face, and after the clay is soaked, remove it with a napkin. After that, you need to apply a moisturizer or nourishing cream to your face.

The procedures should not be too frequent, for oily skin two masks a week are enough, and one for dry skin is enough.

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