❶ How To Cut A Cuticle

❶ How To Cut A Cuticle
❶ How To Cut A Cuticle

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How to cut a cuticle
How to cut a cuticle

Manicure is the key to the beauty of your hands. You don't have to go to a beauty salon to do this. You can cut the cuticles yourself at no extra cost. You just need to know the basic rules. Location: Location: One of the easiest and most skin-friendly ways to remove cuticles is with special products that soften the skin. Apply this composition to the cuticle area, wait 1-2 minutes (depending on the product you have chosen) and remove excess old skin with a special manicure spatula. Don't press too hard on your nail. This can cause it to bend or "waviness". With this method, the cuticle will subsequently grow more slowly.

If you did a manicure a long time ago and "started" your nails a little, then the first method will not work for you. Use the cuticle cutting method.

1. Heat the water to about 45 ° C.

2. Prepare a special hand bath, pour shampoo, shower gel or soap into it. If you want to whiten your fingers, add essential oil or lemon juice.

3. Dip your hands into water and hold for 5-10 minutes. This is necessary so that your skin is steamed, softer and easier to remove with less damage to the surface of the nail.

4. Take your hands out of the water. On your "work" place should be put in advance a hand towel, preferably terry. It absorbs moisture better.

5. Take a manicure spatula and remove the skin at the base of the nail. Just as in the first case, do not overdo it when pressing on the nail.

6. Using a nail scissors, remove unnecessary coarse skin, level the length of the nail with a file.

7. Use a special sponge to smooth out burrs and other irregularities around the nail. This sponge is somewhat similar to a pumice stone, only less hard.

8. Wash your fingers in warm, soapy water. Lubricate your hands with cream, and the area around the nail with a special composition to slow down the growth of the cuticle.

Your nails and fingers are in perfect order! Easy, fast and free.

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