❶ 6 Habits That Harm Your Hair

❶ 6 Habits That Harm Your Hair
❶ 6 Habits That Harm Your Hair

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6 habits that harm your hair
6 habits that harm your hair

Various negative factors, ranging from daily hot styling procedures to stress, negatively affect the health and appearance of hair. Therefore, many women often face problems such as breakage, hair loss and dull hair color. Unfortunately, the impact of negative factors is often complemented by illiterate hair care, which, instead of improving their condition, further exacerbates the existing problems. The following common habits are especially harmful to hair. Location: Location:

1. A lot of shampoo

Using too much shampoo will not make your hair look cleaner. This will only result in a waste of both the shampoo itself and the time it will take to rinse it off. And poorly washed shampoo residues on the hair give them stickiness and dull shine.

In fact, washing medium-length hair requires about a teaspoon of shampoo, long hair requires a tablespoon of shampoo, and a few drops are generally enough for short hair.

2. Hot water

Using hot water will only make your hair more greasy and more brittle. Room temperature water is optimal for shampooing. By the way, after washing, it is advisable to rinse the hair with cooler water - this will give them shine.

3. Vigorous wiping and brushing

Hair is very vulnerable when wet, so after washing your hair, you need to handle it as carefully as possible. Instead of actively wiping your hair, it is better to wrap your hair for 15-20 minutes in a soft towel or gently blot your hair with it, without rubbing or twisting it.

Taking proper care of your hair also means combing it gently. It is not advisable to comb absolutely wet hair. First, you need to divide the hair into strands with your hands, and when they dry out a little, comb them with a comb with rare teeth.

4. Drying with a hairdryer

Hair will be much healthier by limiting the use of the hair dryer. If it is not possible or time to dry your hair naturally, you need to use the cool air drying mode. In addition, before using a hair dryer, you need to wait at least a little, since it is very harmful to dry completely wet hair with a hairdryer.

5. Frequent staining

Hair coloring, even with the use of gentle chemical dyes, still harms them. Natural dyes such as henna or basma can become an alternative to chemical paints. In the case of using chemical paints, it is advisable to try to use them at least once every 3 months. In addition, you can revive your own hair color with the help of tinting agents (tonics, shampoos), which are not as harmful as permanent dyes.

6. Refusal of hats

You should not give up wearing hats in the cold season, as the cold leads to spasms of the vessels that feed the scalp. As a result, the nutrition of the hair is impaired, which can lead to hair loss.

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