❶ Glazing Or Lamination Of Hair

❶ Glazing Or Lamination Of Hair
❶ Glazing Or Lamination Of Hair

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Glazing or lamination of hair
Glazing or lamination of hair

Beautiful and healthy hair is not a dream, but a reality, if you use lamination, glazing or screening procedures. The result will exceed all expectations, the hair will become beautiful, shiny, without split ends and will acquire additional volume. Location: Location: Lamination is a procedure in which the hair is covered with a special film that helps nourish and hydrate. A special substance intended for application to hair does not contain harmful ingredients, completely envelops each hair, fills in irregularities, glues scales.

After the procedure, the hair looks elastic and smooth, its thickness increases by 10%. The laminating film protects against negative external influences, repels water, has an antistatic effect, and greatly facilitates maintenance.

The lamination durability does not exceed two months, after which the film is washed off. If desired, the procedure can be carried out monthly, the main thing is to have a sufficient amount of funds, since it is quite expensive. Depending on the composition applied, the length and condition of the hair, the cost of lamination ranges from $ 50 to $ 150.

Glazing - covering the hair with a special composition containing moisturizing agents and ceramides. The glaze layer can be completely colorless or shade the hair one or two shades.

As with lamination, after the glazing procedure, the hair looks dazzlingly shiny, healthy and smooth. Due to the effect of the film, each hair becomes significantly thicker, which gives the hairstyle additional volume.

The glaze lasts for two to four weeks. The procedure is relatively inexpensive, but the final cost depends on the length and condition of the hair. The longer and more porous the hair, the more the composition is consumed, respectively, this is reflected in the price.

Glazing and lamination can be carried out not only in a beauty salon, but also at home, if you use special means. They include deep cleansing shampoo, regenerating mask, biologically active emulsion, spray, oil. Lamination and glazing formulations are sold from all the leading hair care brands. The cost of a home procedure is several times cheaper, the result is almost the same as in a beauty salon.

Lamination and glazing procedures are most suitable for women with weakened hair as a result of frequent dyeing, with thin, split long curls. If a woman's hair is thick and heavy, the additional application of laminate or glaze will further weigh it down.

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