❶ Hairspray: Selection Criteria

❶ Hairspray: Selection Criteria
❶ Hairspray: Selection Criteria

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Hair spray: selection criteria
Hair spray: selection criteria

Probably, there is not a single girl over 16 years old who would not use hair styling products But how to choose a good and high-quality hairspray so that in the middle of a party, hair does not fall apart or, conversely, does not become like straw. To do this, you need to know some of the nuances and carefully read the label. Location: Location:

It is good if the composition of the varnish does not include alcohol, which dries and thinns the hair structure, and can also cause an allergic reaction and irritation of the scalp. Ethyl alcohol is part of inexpensive varnishes, and more expensive ones contain non-alcoholic solvents.

It is important that the varnish contains substances that can improve the structure of the hair, for example, glycerin (retains moisture and retains it), betaine (adds shine to the hair), benzophenone (acts as a protective filter from the sun's rays), panthenol (nourishes and strengthens hair and roots) …

Conscientious manufacturers take care of the health of our hair and try to add components to the varnishes that nourish, strengthen and restore their structure. These additives mitigate the damage caused by the resins (substances that form a fixing film) and plasticizers (making this film elastic) in the varnish.

In addition to vitamins and amino acids, the composition of varnishes includes extracts from medicinal plants, most often aloe. These ingredients give hair softness, flexibility and make it more manageable.

Before choosing a hairspray, you need to determine what kind of fixation you want to get. There are means of super-strong fixation, strong, medium and weak, it depends on the concentration of polymer resins in the varnish: the higher their content, the stronger the effect.

Pay attention to the smell. A strong aroma is an indicator of the low quality of the varnish; such a varnish cannot be good. In expensive and high-quality products, there is either no smell at all, or it disappears quickly enough.

You can find hair sprays that give your hair color or contain glitter, they are harmless and easy to wash off.

So, good hairspray does not stick on the hair, is easy to spray and does not leave white flakes after brushing. Poor-quality varnish has a pungent odor, and after use, the hair looks untidy, difficult to comb and difficult to wash.

The label should contain as much information as possible about the product, its ingredients, expiration date, manufacturer's information and recommendations for use. By taking just a few minutes to read them, you will be sure you are buying a quality product that will help your hair look even more beautiful.

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