❶ How To Glue False Eyelashes In Bunches

❶ How To Glue False Eyelashes In Bunches
❶ How To Glue False Eyelashes In Bunches

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How to glue false eyelashes in bunches
How to glue false eyelashes in bunches

A sweep of luxurious long eyelashes - and men are at your feet. But what if the eyelashes are short and not thick? Let's try to build up eyelashes with bunches and give our eyes beauty and expressiveness. Location: Location: The eyelash extension process should begin with thoroughly cleansing and degreasing the skin around the eyes. Remove makeup with milk and wash thoroughly.

Get your false eyelashes and tweezers ready. Put some glue on a saucer. Gently grab the bunch of eyelashes with tweezers and dip the base into the glue. Can be pasted. Place the first bundle at the outer corner of the eye. Do not attach artificial eyelashes to natural ones, this may lead to their loss or damage. Apply as close to the lash line as possible.

So, you have pasted the bundle. Now you need to strengthen it properly. To do this, press on it with your finger or tweezers, being careful not to distort it. Be careful not to damage the eyelid. The glue should not come into contact with the eyes.

When the first bundle is firmly glued, move on to the next. Good glue sets in about a couple of minutes.

When you have all your lashes on, you should shade the growth line with eyeliner or eyeliner. You can use dark shadows. This will help give your eyes a natural look and make them even more expressive. Take a look in the mirror. Things are good? If so, you can start with your usual makeup. Although fake eyelashes themselves look very impressive.

As you can see, everything is very simple. I must also say about how to remove false eyelashes. This will require a special liquid and cotton swabs. Gently moisten the roots of the eyelashes with the liquid, wait a minute and remove the tufts. Never use nail polish remover for eyelash remover, even if it does not contain acetone! It's just dangerous, you can cause irreparable harm to your eyes.

After you have removed all the eyelashes, they must be thoroughly cleaned of glue and put in a safe package. You can apply them again if necessary.

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