❶ Vegetarianism And Beauty

❶ Vegetarianism And Beauty
❶ Vegetarianism And Beauty

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Vegetarianism and beauty
Vegetarianism and beauty

Modern ideas about external attractiveness directly link beauty and health. A toned slender body, a bright fresh complexion, clean skin, healthy shiny hair, a snow-white smile - this is how many imagine a beautiful person. In general, this ideal has always been - since the days of antiquity. Location: Location:

Periodically, at different times and in different historical conditions and cultures, different ideas about beauty arose. Obese, puffy people were considered beautiful, or painfully thin, but humanity always returns to this natural ideal, as if somewhere in the subconscious there is a memory of the time when a person was closer to nature, harmoniously developed and, perhaps, happier.

One of the ways to achieve the desired beauty is vegetarianism. Fans of this nutritional system refer to numerous studies of doctors who confirm that people who do not eat animal food (mainly meat and fish, in a stricter version and dairy products and eggs) are less susceptible to diseases of the cardiovascular system, less likely to suffer from obesity, constipation, high blood pressure, as well as problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Many who switch to a purely plant-based diet begin to feel better and look better. This is due to the fact that a person loses weight, since less fat (which is abundant in meat and meat products) gets into the body, fewer calories, and intestinal function improves.

When eating plant foods, constipation does not occur, which affects, among other things, the complexion (with poor bowel function, the skin becomes dull, acquires an earthy color). Eating vegetables, fruits, cereals and grains helps to achieve a healthy glow, an even complexion, and reduces acne and other skin rashes.

Heavy meat foods often cause swelling, puffiness, sleeplessness after a hearty dinner, vegetarianism relieves these problems.

Fruits and vegetables, which form the basis of a vegetarian diet, are full of vitamins and healthy fiber, especially when eaten without heat. An increase in vitamins in the diet affects the health and appearance of a person, and also increases immunity, eliminates many diseases associated with a lack of vitamins and minerals, strengthens hair and nails, becomes elastic skin and more prominent muscles.

However, it should be noted that vegetarianism, for all its usefulness, may not be harmless if used incorrectly. This is especially true of strict vegetarianism, which excludes the use of eggs and dairy products, and when a person does not find a substitute for animal protein and amino acids. Lack of essential substances can cause serious disturbances in the human body, and these problems will certainly affect the appearance - brittle hair and nails, swelling, decreased muscle mass, sunken eyes, and so on.

Be reasonable and careful with your body - and it will delight you for a long time!

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