❶ Essential Oils For Skin, Hair, Hands And Nails

❶ Essential Oils For Skin, Hair, Hands And Nails
❶ Essential Oils For Skin, Hair, Hands And Nails

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Essential oils for skin, hair, hands and nails
Essential oils for skin, hair, hands and nails

All essential oils have cosmetic benefits. Some of them are therapeutic agents that can eliminate skin defects, restore the protective functions of body cells, relieve pain and even slow down the aging process. Location: Location:

For cosmetic purposes, tea tree oil is effectively used for skin care. It is suitable for oily and problem skin, as it has strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Perfectly fights against purulent rashes on the body, boils, fungal dermatitis and shingles. Quickly eliminates itching and redness.

For acne, cedar, clove, geranium oil is used.

Lemon, lavender, orange oil has a rejuvenating and regenerating effect on the face and décolleté area. For severe wrinkles, the use of peppermint, frankincense and pine oils is effective. Due to the high content of fatty acids, vitamins and microelements in it, it visibly tightens the skin, improves intracellular metabolism and makes it elastic.

Chamomile and juniper oil will help to cope with swelling on the face and under the eyes.

Adding ginger, thyme and lavender oils to cosmetics will help moisturize and provide additional nutrition to dry skin.

Rosemary and geranium oil, combined with olive oil base, can help to reduce expression lines around the eyes.

Essential oils are very effective in treating hair and are also an excellent prophylactic agent. For example, tea oil works well for dandruff, and eucalyptus and grapefruit with oily scalp and severe seborrhea. Ylang-ylang, cypress, cedar rosewood oil is used to strengthen hair roots and fast growth. For split ends, vetiver and sandalwood oils are suitable.

Treatments using essential oils to strengthen nails and cuticles are very useful. Usually natural oils are mixed with base oils for gentle massage of nails. Such procedures are very useful with cedar, bergamot and grapefruit oil, since the composition of these esters is rich in all the necessary trace elements and substances for complete nutrition of the nail plate.

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