❶ Nail, Don't Grow In

❶ Nail, Don't Grow In
❶ Nail, Don't Grow In

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Nail, do not grow in
Nail, do not grow in

One of the most common female problems is an ingrown toenail, which is a lot of inconvenience. But why is this happening, and what can provoke this phenomenon? Location: Location:

Ingrown nails are a very common and unpleasant problem. Recently, doctors have reported a large number of visits to clinics, precisely on this occasion. And most of the patients are women.

The most common cause of this trouble is a passion for everything new. A woman wants to experiment with different types of modern pedicure. And at home, this does not always work out - so a few incorrect movements can lead to this problem.

Ingrowth of the nail can also provoke incorrect cutting from early childhood, if the mother cuts the lateral parts of the nail too deep to the child, while injuring the nail plate.

The second factor may be wearing shoes that are too narrow at the toe and uncomfortable. In such shoes, the thumbs are constantly tucked in, and the edge of the nail rests against the toe roller, putting pressure on it.

The third reason for nail ingrowth is a disease of the nail plate - flat feet, nail fungus or injury.

How to avoid ingrown nails?

There is no particular need to chase elusive fashion and risk your health and beauty.

Try not to have a pedicure at home. But, if you really want to show your beautiful nails, it is better to contact professional masters who will do a pedicure and will not harm your health.

There is no need to strive for a perfectly round nail shape. It is better to try to give the edge of the nail plate a square shape, with slightly rounded edges, so that when walking the nail does not injure the finger roller.

If trouble happened.

When the problem is not yet at its peak, and the inflammation and pain allow walking, home treatment can be applied.

Warm salt baths taken daily will relieve inflammation and soften the edges of the nail plate. You can also use pharmaceutical products - furacilin and manganese permanganate.

In case of suppuration of the skin along the edges of an ingrown nail, consult a surgeon. The doctor will clean the infected areas and prescribe effective treatment.

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