❶ Colored Lenses: Pros And Cons

❶ Colored Lenses: Pros And Cons
❶ Colored Lenses: Pros And Cons

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Colored lenses: pros and cons
Colored lenses: pros and cons

Expressive eyes, bright and shiny - every woman's dream. If you want to correct or radically change your color, turn to the only possible and simple way - order colored contact lenses and go with the eyes of the color you like best. Location: Location: The decision to wear contact lenses is usually due to two reasons: a medical need or a desire to improve one's appearance.

With regard to medical indicators - myopia or hyperopia - lenses will be selected taking into account the characteristics of your eye readings.

And in relation to changing the color of the eyes, there can be only one reference point - your wish. However, given that the human eye "organ" is very delicate and requires a special approach, when choosing lenses, pay attention to several important points.

Don't buy lenses online. Find a vision correction and contact lens salon in your city with a good reputation, modern medical equipment and providing not only the opportunity to purchase lenses, but also an ophthalmologist's consultation, and a wide range of lens care products.

Talk to your doctor if you can wear contact lenses or not. If the medical parameters are normal, proceed with the color selection.

Colored lenses can radically change the color of the eyes or simply add brightness to the natural color. By their structure, they are translucent and opaque.

Semi-transparent lenses add paint to natural color and nothing more. They do not completely cover the pupil, and your own color will show through the lens. Therefore, brown eyes cannot be made blue with the help of translucent lenses - the brown color will still be visible. But if your eyes are blue, you can enhance their color with a translucent lens of a brighter blue color. And it will not give the impression of being unnatural.

Translucent lenses can cause discomfort when there is a sharp transition from light to shadow and vice versa. This is especially important for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

Opaque lenses cover the pupil completely and can radically change the native eye color. It is easier to change the light color to dark.

An ophthalmologist can also advise which type of lens is best for you. Heed his advice - the lens blocks the access of oxygen to the eye, and he stops breathing. This is bad and can cause complications and eye irritation.

Therefore, do not wear lenses for many hours at a time, especially if not medically required.

Make it a rule to help your eyes with drops, gels and eye vitamins - take care not only of beauty, but also of the health of your eyes.

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