❶ Creams Are Tonal And Toning: What's The Difference?

❶ Creams Are Tonal And Toning: What's The Difference?
❶ Creams Are Tonal And Toning: What's The Difference?

Video: ❶ Creams Are Tonal And Toning: What's The Difference?

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Creams are tonal and toning: what's the difference?
Creams are tonal and toning: what's the difference?

Almost every second woman uses tonal means, due to which it is possible to eliminate minor imperfections on the skin, to even out the color. And it seems like, what's the difference, there will be a foundation or toning, the result will most likely be the same. Still, it's worth figuring out so that your skin always looks perfect. Location: Location:

There are not so many tint dyes in tinting creams, they are almost transparent and therefore can only slightly smooth and improve the complexion. They belong to day creams, with a slight shade. But on the other hand, they contain a large amount of minerals, moisturizers and vitamins. The toning cream is suitable for those who have good skin and who do not want to cover their face in several layers. Makeup artists rarely use it, considering it rightfully summer, light makeup that will not even suit evening makeup.

There is a kind of tinting base - fluids, they are referred to as a liquid base applied under makeup. They are used to even out skin texture and tone. They are very popular among make-up artists, as they fall easily and are barely visible on the skin. They are suitable for all skin types and contain a small amount of oil.

A novelty on the cosmetology market has recently become a toner with a satin-effect skin. It is not suitable for oily skin, as it creates a smooth and soft look, and for oily skin matting agents are more suitable to hide excess shine.

But the foundations have a denser texture, with a variety of pigments, which, above all, are able to hide small imperfections. Due to the different shades of the foundation, you can visually change the shape of the face. An individual tonal basis is selected for each skin type. Special tonal creams are produced for problem skin, which contain disinfectant and anti-inflammatory additives. For too dry skin, emollient oils are added to the foundation.

For oily skin, there are foundation powders, they absorb excess oil and mask the shine of the skin. But for mature skin, a tinting base is definitely not suitable, although it can nourish aging skin, it will not be able to hide the wrinkles that appear. For this type of skin, a foundation cream mousse is ideal. It has an airy, light texture, so it fits well and does not collect in fine wrinkles.

From all of the above, we can summarize that tinting bases are more suitable for happy owners of low-problem skin, for whom there is no need to mask flaws.

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