❶ Chocolate Tan Or Aristocratic Pallor?

❶ Chocolate Tan Or Aristocratic Pallor?
❶ Chocolate Tan Or Aristocratic Pallor?

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Chocolate tan or aristocratic pallor?
Chocolate tan or aristocratic pallor?

A chocolate or porcelain white skin tone isn't always a gift from nature. The complexion also depends on the fashion. The suntan, which has recently enjoyed a boom in popularity, is gradually giving way to its leading position of aristocratic pallor. Location: Location: Until the beginning of the 20th century, pale skin was considered the ideal of female beauty. Sunburn was associated with physical labor and long periods of time outside, which were characteristic of the lower classes. Wealthy women protected themselves from the sun in every possible way, for example, with the help of special umbrellas, and used bleaching agents.

In the 1920s, the situation changed - along with beach vacations, tanning came into fashion. Since that time, in the mass consciousness, he began to correlate with security and the opportunity to spend a vacation at a resort.

Modern fashion is quite tolerant to both tanned and pale. Sunburn is perceived rather as a suitable attribute for an athletic physique. At the same time, pallor goes very much to graceful thinness.

However, tanning should be done with caution. In this matter, it is very difficult to keep within the framework of good taste. Avoid darkening your skin tone, especially if you have blonde hair. This combination can look vulgar.

Don't forget about the danger of sunburn. In small doses, the body needs sun, but it can easily harm the skin. Remember to use sunscreen when sunbathing. Do not stay in the sun at the most dangerous time - from 12 to 16 hours. Remember that the sun can cause more than short-term effects like burns. Tanning abuse increases the risk of cancer. Also, the sun dries the skin and accelerates the aging process.

Tanning salons can be even more dangerous. It is necessary to visit only proven beauty parlors with quality equipment.

The choice between dark and fair skin remains with the woman herself. However, one should not forget that the color of human hair, eyes, skin is in harmony. Therefore, it is best not to try to change your type of appearance, but to take advantage of the advantages given by nature. For example, a girl with naturally light skin and red hair is better off avoiding excessive tanning. At the same time, a brunette with a natural dark skin tone can be enhanced.

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