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❶ Comb And Twist
❶ Comb And Twist

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Comb and twist
Comb and twist

To add volume to thin hair or when creating an evening hairstyle, you need to know several techniques for combing and twisting strands. To do this, in your arsenal should be a hairdryer, a round brush, a comb with fine fine teeth, a curling iron, hair spray and styling liquid. Location: Location:

If your hairstyle is not very lush, and your hair is rather thin, you can fix it with the right styling. If the haircut is short, just combing the hair a little will be enough. But if you are the owner of a hairstyle with a length below the shoulders, then you can wind the hair to add volume.

Better to start with shampooing. To do this, it is better to use shampoos and conditioners that give hair volume and splendor. Nowadays, enough products are produced, which include silicone. With it, the hair is lifted at the roots and acquires a natural shine.

After washing your hair, dry your hair with a towel, but do not dry it completely. Spray with a styling product for fine hair, lifting curls from the roots. Blow dry with a round brush, or if your hair is very short, use a fine-toothed comb. After drying your hair completely, shape your hair and spray with a strong hold varnish. To keep the effect of voluminous hair longer, the hair can be combed a little at the roots when drying.

If your curls are lower than your shoulders, try curling your hair. For tight curls, you need a curling iron, and for a light wave, a round brush with sparse bristles will do.

Using a curling iron, spray each strand with styling liquid. Be careful! Do not overexpose the tool on your hair, this will damage it. Hot metal dries curls very strongly, and hair ends begin to split. Therefore, do not use your curling iron often. After twisting all the curls, lower your head down and sprinkle with varnish. This way your styling will last for a long time.

To add volume and some waviness to long hair, get a round, sparse-toothed brush. Whichever diameter of the comb you choose will be your curls. Twirl the curls on the comb one at a time, sprinkling with styling liquid, and blow dry. Then, just as when creating a hairstyle with a curling iron, lower your head down and spray the styling with varnish.

Whatever hairstyle you create, remember that others perceive the image as a whole. Pay enough attention not only to styling, but also to makeup, manicure, and the selection of accessories. And then you will create the impression of a well-groomed, confident, stylish woman.

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