❶ How To Determine Your Body Type

❶ How To Determine Your Body Type
❶ How To Determine Your Body Type

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How to determine your body type
How to determine your body type

When choosing clothes, a woman should be guided not only by her taste preferences, but also by her body type. For what sits well on the owners of the "hourglass" figure does not suit the one that has the "apple" type. It is not difficult to determine what configuration your body is. Location: Location: Bullseye Figure

This shape is also called oval. Most often it is in men, although in recent decades it is often possible to see women of the "apple type". It is characterized by a certain disproportionality. Fat deposits are most often present in the waist area, on the abdomen. Moreover, the waist reaches the same volume as the chest, while the hips and legs remain relatively thin and slender.

Pear shape

The pear-shaped teardrop shape has the following features: full, wide and beautifully arched hips that are wider than shoulder width, pronounced waist, thin neck, relatively small chest. The woman-"pear" by virtue of the constitution rarely gets better in the area of ​​the shoulders, neck, face. The bulk of the fat is deposited on her thighs. By the way, one of the brightest representatives of the "pear-shaped" constitution is Jennifer Lopez, recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world.

Shape "triangle"

For women with a "triangle" figure, somewhat masculine proportions are characteristic. Namely: broad shoulders, tapering downwards and smoothly (without pronounced bends in the waist area) turning into narrow hips and relatively thin legs. Behind, the representatives of the type also cannot boast of curvaceous forms - their buttocks are usually thin.

What is characteristic, in the presence of excess weight, the upper part of the body is the first to recover in women-"triangles", acquiring massive forms, fleshiness. The hips become square. But if you think that a lady with this type of figure cannot look feminine, then remember Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich, who were the quintessence of femininity and, nevertheless, had a "triangular" type of figure.

Hourglass figure

The most feminine body shape for the fair sex. A thin, pronounced waist, shoulders and hips of approximately the same width, rounded legs with arms, full buttocks and, as a rule, an appetizing chest. Representatives of this type are always in the center of male attention. Even while recovering, they do not lose their round charm, since fat is evenly distributed on their body.

Banana figure

A figure in the shape of a banana (rectangle, pepper) requires a lot of effort from its owner when choosing a wardrobe. After all, hips and shoulders of the same width in the absence of a pronounced waist do not look very feminine, in their opinion. And straight hips and flat buttocks can be an additional source of frustration. However, there are pluses in everything. Representatives of this type rarely gain weight and remain slender and youthful until very old age.

And about the lack of femininity - how to look. Among world celebrities, Mila Jovovich, Keira Knightley, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bundchen have banana figures. And it’s hard to accuse these ladies of being masculine.

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