❶ How To Remove Spider Veins

❶ How To Remove Spider Veins
❶ How To Remove Spider Veins

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How to remove spider veins
How to remove spider veins

Spider veins are a red, protruding mesh on the skin that forms due to a damaged capillary. It can occur both on the face and on the arms and legs. It is very important to start the correct treatment - if you start the situation, then more serious problems can arise. Location: Location: The worst is when the stars appear on the face. If arms and legs can be hidden behind clothes, then the face always remains open. So take it very seriously and take the time to visit your doctor. Homemade masks are good for treating asterisks on the face.

Juice mask

Mix one tablespoon of sea buckthorn juice with one teaspoon of starch. Apply the resulting mixture in an even layer to problem areas. Hold the mask for about fifteen minutes and rinse your face thoroughly with warm water. After that, do not forget to lubricate your skin with moisturizer. This procedure must be repeated twice a week. Sea buckthorn juice can be replaced with any other juice. Raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, or strawberry are good choices.

Pollen based mask

Take one teaspoon of pollen, it is best to buy it at the pharmacy, as it may be of poor quality at the bazaar and in the store. Mix it with one teaspoon of honey and add two to three drops of lemon juice. Mix everything and apply the resulting mixture on your face. After fifteen minutes, wash with warm water.

When stars appear on your legs, you can resort to using green tomatoes.

To do this, select a couple of small fruits and cut them into several pieces. Attach them to problem areas and carefully bandage them. Make sure that the slices do not accidentally fall off. Timed two or three minutes, but not more, otherwise you may get severe burns. The acid in green tomatoes is very strong and can damage the skin with prolonged contact. After removing the compress, anoint your leg with any moisturizer. The course of treatment can be carried out for 10-15 days, but not longer. In the event that the asterisks have passed much earlier, stop the procedure.

Try not to wear high-heeled shoes for a long time, more often give your feet a rest and eat cherries and cherries. Don't forget to drink fruit juices.

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