❶ Magnetic Manicure For Short Nails

❶ Magnetic Manicure For Short Nails
❶ Magnetic Manicure For Short Nails

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Magnetic manicure for short nails
Magnetic manicure for short nails

Those who are looking for new opportunities for decorating nails should try on one of the fashionable novelties - magnetic manicure. It requires a steady hand and the ability to apply varnish quickly and accurately. Perhaps not everything will work out the first time, but after a few workouts you will be rewarded with the result - an original and very neat manicure. Location: Location: Magnetic manicure involves the application of a special varnish with dissolved metal microparticles. Then the magnetic plate should be brought to the painted nail. Under its influence, metal particles line up in a certain order, forming a pattern - stripes, waves, zigzags or stars. The pattern depends on the magnet used for the manicure.

Several years ago, this option was offered by one of the luxury cosmetic brands as a creative limited New Year collection. The set included varnish and tools to create an unusual pattern on the nails. There was only one color in the collection, and the novelty was instantly sold out.

A few years later, the original idea returned - this time it was adopted by professional and mass brands. Each has released a whole line of different shades - from pastel to dark. Some offered to purchase a magnet for applying the pattern separately, others included it in the kit and sold it along with varnish. It became possible to choose not only the color of the coating, but also the pattern that will be reproduced on the nail. The price range of magnetic varnishes is quite wide - the cheapest option differs from the most expensive by 4-5 times.

To get a high-quality magnetic manicure, you have to be patient. A clear drawing is rarely obtained the first time. If you are worried that you will not be able to decorate all 10 fingers, do a combination manicure by decorating only 1-2 nails on each hand. Cover the rest with magnetic varnish and do not process them with a plate. Without a pattern, the varnish also looks beautiful - it is very dense, has an effective metallic sheen, dries quickly and has a persistent gloss.

Cover your nails with a protective base before painting. Dry it and gently apply magnetic varnish to the plates. Brush generously - the varnish should form a dense coating in one layer. If you apply a second, the pattern may not appear.

After applying varnish to one finger, quickly bring the magnetic plate to it. The most difficult thing is to guess the distance at which the drawing will appear, but the varnish itself will not be smeared. Experiment - and have a nail polish remover handy. If the pattern is too weak or uneven, you can erase it and try again.

Having achieved a clear pattern, do not rush to cover the nail with a top or drying. Additional products will break the structure of the varnish, and the pattern will disappear or lose its clear contours. The coating should dry on its own - it will take at least 20-30 minutes.

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