❶ The Healing Properties Of Tangerine Oil

❶ The Healing Properties Of Tangerine Oil
❶ The Healing Properties Of Tangerine Oil

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The healing properties of tangerine oil
The healing properties of tangerine oil

Since ancient times, mandarin peel has been mentioned in many recipes of folk healers. At present, cold pressing and distillation with water vapor make it possible to obtain tangerine oil from the peel of the fruit, which has such healing effects on the human body as antiseptic, analgesic, soothing, tonic. Location: Location: The oil can be used for external and internal use. Since this type of oil is characterized by a very mild effect, it is suitable for both children and pregnant women. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to citrus fruits in general or tangerines in particular.

For internal use, tangerine oil is added to herbal tea (3 drops per glass of tea). The resulting infusion has a stimulating effect on the work of the gallbladder, liver, stomach and intestines, improving metabolic processes, cleansing the body of toxins, reducing swelling, and increasing overall resistance. In addition, it is very effective in relieving nausea and constipation. Tangerine oil tea regulates heart rate, helps lower blood pressure, and also improves sleep. Such useful properties of the infusion as relieving irritability, improving mood are simply irreplaceable in the fight against blues and depression.

For external use, a mixture of tangerine and vegetable oils is used (7 drops of tangerine and a teaspoon of vegetable). This recipe is very popular among women during pregnancy to prevent the appearance of skin stretch marks.

To relieve arousal, including in young children, you can massage the feet, rubbing a mixture of oils into them (a tablespoon of almond oil with the addition of five drops of tangerine).

When bathing babies, it is recommended to splash about 3 drops of mandarin oil into the water, which will help the child to calm down and sleep better.

Mandarin oil is also widely used in cosmetology. In the case of sensitive skin, experts recommend adding a few drops (4-5) of this oil to the cream, which will help improve the condition of the skin, smooth it out from wrinkles and rejuvenate it.

Oral care is aided by such a property of mandarin oil as the treatment of inflammation and bleeding of the gums. To carry out applications, you need to prepare a mixture of rosehip oil (a teaspoon) and tangerine oil (5 drops).

Mandarin essential oil is very often used in aromatherapy in the treatment of neuroses, overwork and insomnia, to recuperate after an illness.

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