❶ How To Do A Hardware Pedicure

❶ How To Do A Hardware Pedicure
❶ How To Do A Hardware Pedicure

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How to do a hardware pedicure
How to do a hardware pedicure

Foot care is a must-have procedure for every modern girl. A neat pedicure makes the leg seductive, and its owner - a real lady. Once upon a time, pedicure was a luxury permissible only for persons of noble birth. But today, pedicure, especially hardware pedicure, is affordable for most girls. And you can do it not only in the salon, but also at home: high-quality devices for performing hardware pedicure without the help of a cosmetologist have appeared on the free sale today. It is relatively inexpensive, and the effect of its use is obvious. Location: Location:

Many girls who have already presented themselves with such a useful device are interested in the question: how can you do a hardware pedicure yourself? Let's try to figure it out.

1. Soften the skin of your feet, but do not steam it in water.

In order to make the skin on the feet and toes softer, you should use special creams and lotions, preferably from proven manufacturers. Such products will not only effectively soften the skin, but also have a disinfecting effect.

2. Treat the skin on the feet and around the nails using the hardware tips.

The set with the device for the hardware pedicure procedure contains special grinding attachments. Some of them are intended for the care of the skin of the feet, others for the skin around the nails and the treatment of the periungual roller.

3. After the hardware pedicure, apply a special mask or peel to the skin.

Cosmetologists recommend using foot masks containing paraffin. After processing with grinding attachments, you should make a soft peeling of the feet, apply a thick layer of paraffin mask to the skin and put on special tight socks. The result of such a procedure will pleasantly surprise you.

4. Perform the procedure more often than recommended for salon care - 2-3 times a week.

The more often you do hardware pedicure at home, the faster you will notice an excellent result. The nails will be beautiful and healthy, and the skin of the feet will be soft and tender, like a child's.

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