❶ Cruroplasty - We Correct The Lower Leg

❶ Cruroplasty - We Correct The Lower Leg
❶ Cruroplasty - We Correct The Lower Leg

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Cruroplasty - adjusting the lower leg
Cruroplasty - adjusting the lower leg

Beautiful legs are every woman's dream. However, not all women are happy with their shape, and for many it is becoming the way out of cruroplasty, which is a surgical operation to correct the shape and volume of the lower leg. Location: Location:

Cruroplasty is a relatively new operation in plastic surgery. However, this area is developing, the correction is carried out quite quickly and painlessly.

The increase in muscle volume, which is achieved through the operation, helps to correct the inner contour of the legs and thereby eliminate their curvature. Cruroplasty involves the installation of an implant that increases the volume of the lower leg.

The indication for surgery is underdevelopment of the calf muscles, curvature of the legs, the inability to achieve the desired results in sports (fitness and bodybuilding), restoration of the shape of the lower leg after an injury.

Before the operation, the surgeon selects the size and shape of the implant for the patient, which is filled with a cohesive gel. It is formulated to mimic the shape and feel of the calf muscles. An incision during the operation is made in the popliteal fossa and is masked by skin folds. Optimal results are achieved when the implant is correctly positioned in relation to the muscles and fascia. After the operation, compression hosiery is applied to reduce swelling and discomfort.

After the operation, complications sometimes arise:

- Bleeding that causes blood to accumulate in the pocket of the implant. In this case, the hematoma is removed and drainage is placed.

- Suppuration of the wound.

- Capsular contracture, which is specific for shin plastic surgery. It manifests itself in the formation of connective tissue, which compresses the implant, which deforms the lower leg. This is caused by hypersensitivity to the material, in which case it must be replaced.

- Dystopia of the implant, in which it is displaced to the side.

- Contouring caused by a large implant.

Cruroplasty is an effective method of shin correction. Complications are rare, and many women are really happy with the result. During the operation, the vessels and nerves are not affected, and within a few days after the operation you will be able to boast of all your really beautiful legs.

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