❶ Nail Polish: Types And Tips

❶ Nail Polish: Types And Tips
❶ Nail Polish: Types And Tips

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Nail polish: types and tips
Nail polish: types and tips

Well-groomed nails are not a luxury, but a prerequisite for creating an image. A manicure can tell a lot about a woman, and doing it today is not so difficult - modern manufacturers of decorative cosmetics provide a huge selection of tools for this. Location: Location:

Therefore, you can do a new manicure at least every day, choosing different shades and structure of varnish and showing imagination. One has only to remember that it should suit you in style and be appropriate. Therefore, it is better to choose restrained colors for work, and leave all sorts of patterns and bright shades for the party.

In addition to a huge number of different colors and shades, varnish can differ in structure and purpose. So, for example, today there is a huge selection of medicinal varnishes that will help prevent delamination of nails, strengthen them and even supply vitamins. As a rule, such varnishes are colorless, and the duration of their application is about a week.

There is also a so-called base varnish. It is designed to level the surface of the nail before applying colored varnish. The principle is that it fills in all irregularities and grooves, and the usual varnish is applied to an even and smooth surface. This significantly improves the overall appearance of the manicure and makes it more accurate.

To give the manicure a finished look, you can apply a special protective coating to the colored varnish. It is a clear, colorless product that gives your nails a beautiful shine.

Decorative varnish varies in structure. It can be matte, nacreous, contain glitter of various shapes and sizes, as well as mica particles.

As a rule, the varnish needs to be applied in two layers, but if you use too dark shades, you can limit yourself to one. If you have an uneven nail surface, it is best to avoid pearlescent shades, as they only make such imperfections more noticeable.

When choosing the color of the varnish, take into account the shape of the nail and the skin tone. If the nail plate is wide, then it is better to avoid too light colors, as they will visually make it even wider. Dark shades of varnish will help to visually make the nail more elongated, if you apply it without painting the side parts.

When buying varnish, pay attention to whether it contains special metal balls. They are designed to stir the varnish so that its structure is uniform before application.

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