❶ Hand Rejuvenation

❶ Hand Rejuvenation
❶ Hand Rejuvenation

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Hand rejuvenation
Hand rejuvenation

Not every woman's age can be determined at first glance. Most of them try to look perfect, spending a lot of time on facial and body care. However, many people forget about hands. But it is they who can indicate the age of a woman. Modern methods of hand rejuvenation nowadays can simply work wonders. So what are the ways you can make your hands young? Location: Location:

The most popular is a chemical peel for slightly aged hand skin. After two or three procedures, the upper layer of the epidermis is renewed, collagen synthesis is stimulated. For women under the age of thirty-five, peeling based on synthetic substances analogous to vitamin A - retinoids or glycolic acid - will be enough to rejuvenate the skin of the hands.

After forty years, it is necessary to resort to a deeper effect. For example, to mechanical peeling of the skin of the hands, which consists in micro-resurfacing of the skin with the help of crystals of magnesium oxide. The upper layers of the skin are removed, micro blood circulation and skin nutrition are improved, metabolic processes are accelerated.

Biorevitalization of the skin of the hands is very effective, i.e. the introduction of natural hyaluronic acid into the skin itself. It not only fills in and smoothes wrinkles, but also restores the moisture balance in the skin and increases its elasticity. You will see the effect after the first procedure, and then it only intensifies.

An excellent method of hand rejuvenation is mesotherapy, or multivitamin injection. Perfectly moisturizes, activates blood circulation, has an antioxidant effect, and gives tone.

You can use the method of laser skin resurfacing. The laser beam, penetrating deep into the cells, evaporates moisture, and they die. The body responds by starting the processes of skin regeneration and renewal. As a result, young skin is formed without wrinkles and age spots. True, this method can have consequences in the form of hyperpigmentation or scarring.

For women after forty-five, you can try lipolifting of the skin of the hands. This is an injection of a woman's own fat from the thighs or abdomen into the skin of the hands. But after a few years, the fat tends to dissolve, and a second procedure may be required.

To think about hand rejuvenation using the above methods as late as possible, make sure not to neglect hand skin care. Use creams, nourishing and moisturizing masks and your hands will look amazing for a long time.

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