❶ How To Restore Breast Elasticity

❶ How To Restore Breast Elasticity
❶ How To Restore Breast Elasticity

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How to restore breast elasticity
How to restore breast elasticity

Breast firmness depends on the amount of collagen in it. Up to 30 years of age, the mammary glands are 70 percent of it. But with age, the amount of collagen begins to decrease, and the breasts may lose their attractiveness. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to perform certain actions aimed at increasing elasticity. Location: Location:

In order to understand whether you need to start taking care of breast elasticity, you need to conduct a small test. Take a pencil, pen, or any other thin, cylindrical object. Stand with your shoulders squared and place it under your chest. If this object has fallen, then your chest is in good shape.

You can start a complex effect after 25 years. And if you had childbirth, then before. During pregnancy and subsequent feeding, the mammary glands can become severely deformed. So, once you've weaned your baby, take care of your appearance.

Massage with a contrast shower daily. Of course, this is the simplest way to restore elasticity. You can also do a regular massage. Its effectiveness will improve if your loved one makes it. This will bring a lot of positive emotions to both you and him.

The use of moisturizers is also a must. Do not use products that affect only the top layer of the skin, because the effect will last only a few hours. It is better to select those that penetrate the dermis.

Each skin type needs different care. And therefore, the same cream can give different results in two even very similar women. Through trial and error, you can find your product. It is better to apply the cream at night, with light massaging movements.

Another way are skin masks. They need to be done once or twice a week. As with creams, every woman has a different recipe. Various components are used to make masks. For example, sea salt, clay, starch, egg white, honey, butter or herbal teas.

Exercise will also be mandatory. Of course, you won't be able to pump up the chest itself, because there are no muscles in it. You will need to strengthen the muscles above the breasts. Various exercises can be used for this. For example, push-ups from the floor and wall, swinging hands, lifting dumbbells from a standing and lying position. A set of measures that is right for you can be developed by any coach. The selection of a bra is also important. It should not hinder movement or leave marks on the skin.

If you follow these tips regularly, your breasts will remain firm for a long time. Do not forget how important the regularity of classes is, do not take long breaks.

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