❶ How To Straighten Hair With Tongs

❶ How To Straighten Hair With Tongs
❶ How To Straighten Hair With Tongs

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How to straighten hair with tongs
How to straighten hair with tongs

At all times, the fair sex has tried to look fashionable. Paying tribute to modern trends, then curling curls, then doing boyish haircuts, then braiding hundreds of braids. The current fashion often requires even and smooth hair, so many owners of beautiful curls strive to get rid of them and smooth them at all costs. Location: Location: Chemical hair straightening is a rather complicated procedure, it is better to entrust it to specialists, as well as bio-straightening is desirable to do in the salon. Of course, such methods give a long-term effect: from a month to six months, but still you should not immediately decide on such a radical step. You can straighten your curls yourself at home using a special iron.

Straightening your hair with an iron, with the right approach, will practically not harm, in addition, it will even help improve the condition of the hair cuticle. Many manufacturers produce straightening tongs with protective coatings, polishing particles, temperature control, etc. All this, of course, helps to protect the hair, but still it is worth adhering to some rules.

To prevent your hair from being damaged by hot plates, use special heat protection fluids. Among a wide range of such products, you can choose a liquid with several functions: thermal protection and fixation, or thermal protection and antistatic effect.

Before proceeding directly to straightening with hot tongs, you must dry your hair with a hairdryer or allow it to dry naturally. Wet hair should not be straightened, otherwise they can be very damaged, since wet hair is more stretchable and as a result of exposure to high temperature it can simply break.

When straightening your hair, you should also follow a certain technique and sequence. Tie the dried hair, treated with a heat protectant, in a bun at the crown, and then, starting from the back of the head, separate the curl by curl and straighten it, leading with an iron from the root to the ends.

If the hair is curly, then before straightening with tongs, you need to gently smooth it with a large brush and hair dryer.

Hair straightened in this way should not be wetted, otherwise it will curl again. To protect your hairstyle in wet weather, you can use, in addition to thermal protection, also a protective agent against moisture, for example, a series of climate control. And to give extra shine to straightened hair, spray it with a dry consistency, or use a shine (oil) before straightening.

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