❶ How To Choose An Eyeliner

❶ How To Choose An Eyeliner
❶ How To Choose An Eyeliner

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How to choose an eyeliner
How to choose an eyeliner

Eyeliner is an indispensable tool for everyday and festive makeup. They can visually correct the flaws in appearance. Make the eyes bigger, place the close-set ones, give the look a mystery. The main thing is to correctly choose the right pencil from the variety of options offered by the cosmetic industry. Location: Location: The shell of a good quality pencil should be made of wood, not sawdust. The protective cap should fit snugly against the edges of the pencil, securely fixed. This will prevent accidental removal of the cap and damage to the pencil tip.

Good plastic pencils have a sturdy body and a reliable rod twisting mechanism. In addition, the rod itself must hold tightly in the body, not dangle when drawing "arrows" with it before our eyes.

Draw a line on your hand with your chosen pencil. It should be continuous, distinct. Pressing lightly, try to feather the drawn line. If the line smudges too easily, choose a different pencil. This is too soft, the makeup will blur quickly.

Also, when choosing an eyeliner, you need to coordinate your choice with your eye color and skin tone. For example, fair-skinned blondes shouldn't settle for a black pencil. The makeup done by him will seem too catchy, unnatural. But such a pencil is an excellent choice for dark-skinned brunettes. Also pencils of olive, purple, plum shades are suitable for them.

For brunettes with pale skin, it is best to choose pencils in dark brown or dark gray. Black is best for evening makeup. You can create a subtle line, or you can resort to feathering.

For red-haired ladies with white skin, shades of brown with red, gray with a haze are perfect. These colors will not contrast with the skin tone and will be an excellent base for makeup.

For blondes, especially those with fair skin, even a brown pencil will be too provocative. It is better for them to choose pearl gray, light brown, blue for their makeup. These colors will perfectly outline the eyes, give the look softness and mystery. A very good choice would be white, which instantly refreshes the look, visually lifts the upper eyelid.

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