❶ French Manicure At Home

❶ French Manicure At Home
❶ French Manicure At Home

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French manicure at home
French manicure at home

French manicure can rightfully be called the most popular type of nail design. The main secret of such popularity is its naturalness. Looks very elegant and stylish, gives nails a well-groomed look and goes well with any outfit. There is an opinion that only a specialist can do the correct manicure, but you can easily learn how to do it yourself. Location: Location:

You do not need any special expensive tricks, everything that is used for preparation and for the manicure itself can be found in every woman's arsenal.

Preparing nails for manicure:

- Use the pliers to shorten the nails to the desired length.

- Then give them the desired shape with a nail file. The shape should be rectangular with rounded edges. It is advisable to use a granite nail file, as the metal file contributes to the delamination of the nail.

- Make a hand bath to soften the cuticles.

- Then dry your hands and clean under the nails with a special brush, you also need to lubricate the cuticle of the nail roll with a nourishing cream.

- Carefully, without damaging the skin, push back the cuticle with a boxwood stick.

- Remove burrs with tweezers or scissors.

- Polish the surface of the nail with a medium-sized file.

- Rinse your hands again, dry and apply a nourishing cream.

- Wipe your nails with a little nail polish remover to degrease the surface. This is necessary so that the varnish does not peel off after application and lies flat.

- Apply a mineral protective base. Then the varnish will lie in an even layer, and the nails will not be yellow. Let it dry.


- Apply white varnish to the tip of the nail. This is the most crucial stage. To make the "smile" as even as possible, stick a special stencil for French manicure along the free line. After applying 2 coats of white varnish, let it dry. Remove the stencil. Manicure will be more flawless if the inner side of the nail is brought up with a special whitening pencil.

- Apply one or two coats of peach, pale pink or milky polish to your nails. For this stage, semi-transparent colors are usually used.

- Lastly, apply fixer varnish over all nails. It will help the base polish dry faster and stay on your nails longer. Often, experts use glossy coatings with a wet effect, which give a chic shine to the manicure.

Wait 10-15 minutes and enjoy your creation! As you can see, making a classic French is not that difficult. Keep playing with flowers, rhinestones and sparkles, you can also try making a custom smile line, etc. Experiment!

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