❶ How To Find Professional Makeup Brushes

❶ How To Find Professional Makeup Brushes
❶ How To Find Professional Makeup Brushes

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How to find professional makeup brushes
How to find professional makeup brushes

An important criterion in the makeup technique is the correct selection of brushes. Every girl needs to remember that brushes made from natural wool are considered the best. But you also need to know how to choose them. Location: Location:

Many attributes can be found in the brush set that serve different purposes. For example, there are brushes designed for applying powder, blush and shading them, for tone, for shadows, for eyeliner. And the brush shapes are also different, they are: flat, fan-shaped, rounded, etc.

Even if a girl has very expensive and popular cosmetics in her cosmetic bag, if the brushes are incorrectly selected, it will lose its appearance when applied.

When choosing brushes for lips, you need to pay attention to their shape. It should be small with a sharp tip, which is necessary for better lip coverage. The best material for these brushes is sable. The villi of the brush should be small - no more than three millimeters.

The eyeshadow brushes should form a "spatula" shape. The villi should be stiff and long to ensure complete removal of excess pigments, and they should be tightly attached to each other. But don't use the same attributes for different tones.

Powder brushes are selected according to the type of makeup itself. For example, for loose powders it is better to use Kabuki - these are good brushes with rounded villi, and for compact powders it is better to use thinner and flatter brushes.

Blush brushes should also be chosen for two types of application. One type of application - using brushes with long bristles, which are located in the same plane, they should have a large swing, up to 3 cm. The second type of application (shading) involves the use of rounded brushes.

With the right choice of makeup tools, it will be possible to create a flawless look that will cheer up every girl and woman of any age!

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