❶ How To Increase Your Height

❶ How To Increase Your Height
❶ How To Increase Your Height

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How to increase your height
How to increase your height

As a child, we always wanted to grow up faster and become as tall as adults. But having become such, many are still dissatisfied with their growth. What is the reason, and most importantly, can it be increased? This can be done by following certain rules. Location: Location: A person's growth in life can be divided into several stages. The first and most intense period occurs in the first two years, when in the first year the child grows by 25 cm, and in the second by 8-12 cm. Then it slows down noticeably and at 3-6 years old it begins to develop rapidly again. The next stage occurs during puberty. Since it occurs in girls a little earlier than in boys, their growth also increases more intensively - by 8-10 cm per year.

By the age of majority and a little further, the human body practically ceases to grow, especially the female, and by old age it even begins to decline.

How much to increase his height, a person decides for himself. Non-surgical methods can achieve results from 5 to 15 cm, while the time frame varies from several months to 2-3 years. Consider several methods of increasing growth, including surgical intervention.

If you decide to go to a surgeon to grow up, then you need to know that the operation will be done on the legs, and not on the spine, as it is too dangerous. First, they take one leg, and then the other, since it is not recommended to stretch both limbs. The operation is performed using the Ilizarov apparatus, which can lengthen the bone up to 50 cm (1 mm per day). The procedure is painful, since the bones are broken and they are fastened with a special apparatus, in which the legs should be for about a year and a half, and the person should always be at rest.

The second method to increase growth is hormones. They are suitable for those with growth hormone deficiency. Reception must be agreed with a specialist who will prescribe an individual course. With the help of hormones, growth increases by 10-12 cm in the first two years.

Two vitamins contribute to growth: E and C. With their help, the concentration of growth hormone increases by 20-25 cm. The daily rate of vitamin E is 100 mg (one tablet), C - 150 mg (three tablets).

And another way to increase your height is physiotherapy exercises. It is better to select individual programs that are suitable for a specific person so that the result is faster. With the selected complex, you need to engage in at least six months daily (1-2 times a day). Then you can reduce the intensity up to 2-3 times a week (after a course of 1.5-2 years).

The exercises are based on stretching and strengthening the spine with a horizontal bar. During class, actively imagine that you are growing and tune in to a positive result.

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