❶ Morning And Evening Skin Care

❶ Morning And Evening Skin Care
❶ Morning And Evening Skin Care

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Morning and evening skin care
Morning and evening skin care

The skin protects our body from unwanted external influences. She fulfills the role assigned to her by nature every day and every second, but over the years her strength weakens. Therefore, it is important to take care, nourish, protect it from the harmful effects of the environment. Regular, proper skin care allows you to delay the onset of the signs of fading, which are so depressing for any woman. Location: Location:

Surprisingly, but the skin becomes mature after 25 years. The following signs signal the maturity of the skin: the stratum corneum thickens, the color fades, the elasticity decreases, the first noticeable wrinkles appear in the food. The reasons are different: sudden weight loss, sun rays, mistakes in choosing cosmetic products, improper skin care and, in fact, age-related changes in the body. Of course, the right decision is to entrust your face to beauticians. But in the morning and in the evening we take care of the skin ourselves. Care and choice of cosmetics depends on the type of skin and its condition. There are several types: dry, oily, mixed, normal and wilting. Even if your skin is elastic, firm, matte, smooth and velvety, it also requires care.

In the morning, wash your face with cool water without soap. Very useful to wipe with a cleansing and emollient cream. Apply one of the day creams before going outside. Remember that in windy weather, in autumn, in winter, you need to apply a greasy cream, not a moisturizer, to the skin. And in summer, it is advisable to use creams with at least a small protective factor that reduce the effect of ultraviolet radiation. After applying the cream, powder a little on your face.

In the evening, it is imperative to remove all makeup, because cells are actively working during sleep. Do not postpone cleansing or removing makeup for the last half hour before bed. It is better to do this immediately upon returning home in the evening. Start the procedure on the forehead, then remove the mascara from the eyelashes, then wipe the skin with a special cleansing milk, toner or lotion. Use cotton pads. Change discs until they are completely clean. You can use special mousses, cleansing oils or gels. In this case, apply a little of the product lightly on the skin, then rinse with warm water. Do not dry your face with a towel, but pat it dry. Apply a night cream. Find the right cream for your skin type. Night creams have more regenerating and moisturizing properties than day creams.

It is equally important to apply the cream correctly. Spread a small amount over the skin, starting from the cheeks and chin, with light movements, move to the temples, and then to the forehead. Massage the forehead up, always from the eyebrows, and the chin and neck, on the contrary, from the bottom up. Massage lightly along the lines of least stretch of the skin. The massage should last no more than 3-5 minutes.

A couple of times a week, in the evening, when you can devote yourself at least half an hour of time to your beloved, it is advisable to make a nutritious mask: fruit, berry, vegetable or something from ready-made cosmetics. The main thing is that it fits your skin type.

Important: Even if you have oily skin, try not to wash your face with soap. The soap washes away the protective lipid mantle from the skin and severely dries and weakens it.

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