❶ Beauty Requires No Sacrifice, Beauty Requires Effort

❶ Beauty Requires No Sacrifice, Beauty Requires Effort
❶ Beauty Requires No Sacrifice, Beauty Requires Effort

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Beauty requires no sacrifice, beauty takes effort
Beauty requires no sacrifice, beauty takes effort

Ideal body proportions, delicate smooth skin "blood and milk", gorgeous shiny hair and a dazzling smile - such a set of gifts nature presents to a woman extremely rarely. And therefore, in order to look great, you have to make some efforts on your own to meet the standards of beauty generally accepted in society. Location: Location:

Keeping in shape is not such an easy thing as it seems at first glance, as it literally embraces a woman from "head to toe." And this is not only effort, but also a lot of time spent on "beauty".

I wonder how many "procedures" does female beauty suggest?

- The figure. Considering that slim figures are still in fashion, every woman, to a greater or lesser extent, strives for the cherished ideal of 60x90x60. Someone succeeds, some do not, but the main thing is that there is a goal, and therefore there is a desire to visit fitness clubs, swimming pools, gyms. As a last resort, home exercises with a hoop, a disc for gymnastics will also bring a positive effect. If you do! But not every woman wants to torture her own body. Therefore, only by an effort of will or a desired goal, you can force yourself to achieve a result.

- Smooth skin. Some women have no idea what depilation is, while others have tried all the methods, choosing the most optimal for themselves. And not everything is so simple here - after all, in order to inflict pain on yourself voluntarily (and epilation is still quite painful procedure), some efforts are required. But the result is worth it. It's just a shame that someone is given this gift for free.

- Hair. The ultimate dream of every woman is "live" flowing luxurious hair, as in advertising. Yes, to achieve such a result will take a lot of effort. Considering that expensive means, which, by the way, do not always justify their effectiveness, are not affordable for everyone, one has to be content with the old proven "grandmother's" methods. However, this is all the time, which is usually not enough and … own laziness. Of course, it is one thing to wash your hair with "super shampoo", which will give your hair strength, volume and shine, and quite another thing - nourishing hair masks, medical procedures, styling, etc. These are all laborious and long-term “projects”.

- Nails. Excellent manicure and pedicure are an indicator of good taste. But if there is no way to get to a professional? Treating nails at home is also a way out, which, by the way, is used by many. Baths, extensions, original design solutions - all this is now available for self-execution. There would be time and … desire!

- Leather. Assumes the largest amount of "work". The skin of the face, hands, feet, body requires compulsory self-care, moreover, full-fledged and using a variety of cosmetics. If you take care only of the skin of the face and body, then, for example, unkempt hands will certainly give out the age of the hostess. Regular anti-aging procedures, nourishing face masks, various hand baths - all this involves not only a set of certain drugs, but also time and some effort.

It turns out that you can look great without much financial expense. And even without sacrifice! The most important thing is the effort that needs to be made. But desire is not always enough for this … It's a pity …

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