❶ How To Make The Right Eyebrow Shape

❶ How To Make The Right Eyebrow Shape
❶ How To Make The Right Eyebrow Shape

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How to make the right eyebrow shape
How to make the right eyebrow shape

It is difficult to imagine a beautiful woman without eyebrows. Well-groomed, regular shape, they give special expressiveness to the eyes, make the face look younger, and also hide traces of fatigue. Perfect eyebrows are rare. Location: Location: The easiest and perhaps most effective way to get beautiful eyebrows is to visit a beauty parlor or get advice from a makeup artist. An experienced craftsman will easily select a suitable shape for them, help with the choice of colors and tell you how best to care for them.

You can also shape your eyebrows at home. First you need to decide on the length and width of the eyebrows. Use a thin stick or pencil to find their length. Mentally draw two straight lines with it: from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye (this will be the beginning of the eyebrows) and to the outer (their end). The brow point should be above the pupil if you look directly into your eyes in the mirror.

If you have large facial features, then it is better to make your eyebrows thicker. Its small details should be combined with slightly emphasized, narrow eyebrows.

Once you have decided on the size of your eyebrows, you can select the shape for them that best suits your face type.

A square face is characterized by long, highly raised eyebrows, sharply curved, with a wide beginning and a sharp end. The eyebrows that go steeply up from the very bridge of the nose are ideal for a pear or drop-shaped face. If you have a rectangular face, give your brows a straighter look. To do this, pluck the hairs from the side of the temples, and draw the eyebrows with a pencil.

If you have a round face, raise your eyebrows only in the last third of their length and round slightly at the ends. This shape will visually lengthen your face, reduce its excessive roundness. A short, wide face can be made visually longer by creating short eyebrows with raised ends.

When choosing and adjusting the shape of your eyebrows, keep in mind the following nuances. If the upper part of the face is narrower than the lower one, shorten the eyebrows from the side of the bridge of the nose. The same goes for close-set eyes. In reverse situations, pluck the eyebrows from the outside. To enlarge small eyes, paint on the brows, making them wide and prominent.

After you are finally convinced that you have taken into account all the nuances and have chosen the correct shape for your eyebrows, feel free to grab the tweezers. For those who have completely decided on the shape and color, a tattoo is an excellent way to fix the result. The main thing here is to find a good tattoo artist.

And remember, a tiny detail like your eyebrows is a reliable clue to your face. By changing their shape, you will completely change your appearance.

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