❶ Blush - Select The Type And Color

❶ Blush - Select The Type And Color
❶ Blush - Select The Type And Color

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Blush - select the type and color
Blush - select the type and color

Natural blush always looks attractive and enlivens the face. However, not everyone can boast of an excellent skin color: city residents spend a lot of time indoors and rarely outdoors. Where does the blush come from? There is a way out, and it is known to all the fair sex - high-quality blush. Location: Location:

Many women use blush, but not everyone knows how to choose them correctly. The blush color should perfectly match the natural skin tone. The type of this cosmetic product must correspond to the characteristics of the skin to which it is applied.

A well-chosen blush can give your face a healthy look and mask imperfections. Combined with foundation, this makeup element will make a woman's face charming.

First of all, you need to decide on the type of blush. Versatile are a dry matte blush that can be used on any skin and looks great both day and night. The sparkle effect blush gives the face an expressiveness, it seems to glow from the inside. However, such an element of makeup is best used for going out - in the office it is not very appropriate.

Blush in the form of a cream is indispensable for those who love naturalness. They should be preferred for women with normal or dry skin. On oily skin, blush-cream sometimes blurs and looks untidy. To prevent this from happening, it is worth applying a transparent powder on top, which is not always convenient.

When the type of blush is selected, you need to go to the color. If the skin is light, then all shades of pale pink and peach will do. Coral and deep pink blush look good on moderate tan. For dark-skinned women, colors such as brick, bronze, apricot, plum are simply irreplaceable.

For all skin types, match the color of the blush, but in a darker shade. Be careful when applying blush, otherwise you can turn your face into a mask or make it too vulgar.

Apply dry blush with a makeup brush or sponge. Creamy bold blush can be applied by hand, blending carefully. Before applying any kind of blush, you should smear your face with day cream and let it fully absorb.

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