❶ How To Paint Eyes With Mascara

❶ How To Paint Eyes With Mascara
❶ How To Paint Eyes With Mascara

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How to paint eyes with mascara
How to paint eyes with mascara

To correctly paint your eyes with mascara, you need to adhere to certain rules. This will not only help to make the look open and expressive, but will also allow you to avoid such unpleasant surprises as, for example, sticky eyelashes. Location: Location: 1

First, prepare your lashes for mascara application. To do this, you need to powder your eyelashes a little. This will give them extra volume and prevent clumping.

Dip the brush into the tube once. This will be enough for the required amount of mascara to accumulate on the brush. Rapid repeated "diving" of the brush into the tube is unnecessary, since this will not only quickly deform the brush, but also drive air into the tube, which will lead to rapid drying of the mascara.

Apply mascara only to the ends of your lashes. After the tips are dry, paint over the lashes completely. This will give the eyelashes extra length.

To decide how to color your lashes, try the following mascara techniques:

- Apply short strokes from the roots to the tips of the lashes.

- Apply zigzag strokes back and forth along the entire length of the lashes.

- Perform slow rocking movements with the brush left and right from the roots to the tips of the eyelashes.

Choose a technique that makes your eyes the most expressive. The techniques can be combined.


To get a more open look, paint over the lower lashes with light zigzag touches.

Comb your painted eyelashes with a special comb. This will distribute the mascara more evenly and remove clumps from the lashes.

Apply a second coat of mascara. Then comb your eyelashes again. But before applying the next layer of mascara, be sure to wait until the previous one is dry. Otherwise, the eyelashes will stick together.

Curl your lashes with special tongs. Just curl them up after the mascara is dry.


It is not necessary to constantly use only black mascara. Such mascara is, of course, versatile, but sometimes colored mascara is preferable. For example, brown or gray mascara is more suitable for blondes for daytime makeup. And brunettes with black eyelashes do not need to use mascara for daytime makeup at all - you can limit yourself to a special eyelash gel that will give them shape and slightly lengthen.


For a quick makeup update throughout the day, bring the mascara brush to the tips of your eyes and blink several times.

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