❶ "Silicone Generation": Hair Cosmetics

❶ "Silicone Generation": Hair Cosmetics
❶ "Silicone Generation": Hair Cosmetics

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"Silicone generation": hair cosmetics
"Silicone generation": hair cosmetics

Silicone is a very popular material that most women hear. By the way, he constantly finds himself more and more new areas of application. We are already used to silicone breast implants, silicone insoles, silicone bakeware and many other useful things. And now there is also silicone-based hair cosmetics, which are healthy competition for the expensive lamination procedure. Location: Location:

Currently, silicone drops and silicone hair mask are already on the free market. They really include natural silicone.

The principle of operation of silicone hair cosmetics is that it tightly envelops each hair with a protective film that smooths out any damage to the hair and protects it from injury in the future (from hot air from a hair dryer, heat treatment with a straightener, direct sunlight, and much more).

The manufacturer of silicone hair cosmetics claims that the use of these cosmetics will maintain the elasticity of the hair, give it the necessary nourishment and moisture, helping your hair to look healthy, vibrant, soft and voluminous. Hair that has become perfectly smooth after using a silicone mask will be easier to style and comb.

Silicone-based hair masks are available in 250, 500 and 1000 ml containers. The purpose of silicone hair masks and silicone cosmetics is generally predominantly curative.

Silicone-based nourishing shampoos are indicated for hair prone to falling out, with split ends, and damaged in the structure. The shampoo is applied to the hair and remains there for three minutes, after which it is washed off with copious amounts of water. Silicone shampoos should be applied two to three times a week, or more often (if urgently needed).

Silicone masks are best used in combination with a shampoo that matches your hair type. The process of applying a silicone mask is quite easy: apply a small amount of the product to clean and dry (required!) Hair. It is also advisable to dry your hair naturally before using a silicone-based mask, not with a hairdryer. Massage the mask through your hair with gentle finger movements. Then soak the product on your hair for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Summing up the above, here are the advantages that silicones give to cosmetics:

- The product acquires a delicate and silky texture. Its stickiness is reduced, cosmetics are distributed more evenly over the skin;

- Silicones help to retain moisture inside the skin;

- Helps to improve the appearance of hair, smoothing its surface and giving smooth structure. Thanks to silicones, hair is easy to comb;

- Hair is enveloped in a smooth protective film and protected from negative external factors;

- Silicones are inert, do not provide a breeding ground for bacteria and do not penetrate the skin.

But the disadvantages of silicones:

- Bacteria do not penetrate the silicone film, but they actively multiply under it (provided that they were already there);

- If you constantly use silicone shampoos and masks, silicones will accumulate in the hair, deteriorating the appearance of the hair over time. The hair may become heavier, possibly slower growth. To avoid this, use silicone shampoos only from time to time.

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