❶ Fast Care Of The Skin Around The Eyes

❶ Fast Care Of The Skin Around The Eyes
❶ Fast Care Of The Skin Around The Eyes

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Fast care of the skin around the eyes
Fast care of the skin around the eyes

It is the skin around the eyes that is the most sensitive and thin on the entire face, under the skin of the eyelids there is practically no subcutaneous fat and muscles, so it is prone to rapid stretching. This is where the first age-related wrinkles appear. Even if you are still quite young, and the skin around the eyes is in excellent condition, do not neglect it. Location: Location: The skin around the eyes requires constant care that includes hydration, cleansing and toning. Use a special cosmetic milk to remove makeup. Modern products are two liquids (immiscible): the upper layer contains light oils that help remove waterproof cosmetics, and the lower one contains soothing extracts that relieve conventional make-up and remove irritation.Oily makeup removers are not recommended for women who wear contact lenses. In this case, you should give up waterproof mascara and use a fat-free lotion.

The basic rule for cleansing the skin around the eyes is daily and unconditional makeup removal. Never go to bed with makeup on your face. When removing makeup, movements should be soft, while trying not to stretch the skin. Moisten two cosmetic pads or cotton swabs with cleanser (milk) and apply to the eye area for 40-60 seconds. Then gently remove the makeup, moving from the inner edge of the eye to the outside.

Use eye creams, gels, or lotions to moisturize and nourish. They should be perfectly absorbed into the skin and have anti-allergic properties. Creams are more suitable for dry skin, as they replenish lipid loss and smooth out wrinkles caused by lack of moisture. Lotions are absorbable due to their lightweight composition, they leave the skin smooth and shiny. Gels are more useful and effective, especially if your eyes are prone to swelling, are sensitive, and you do not wear lenses.

Rules for applying the product for the skin around the eyes

It is recommended to apply the cream with the ring finger, as it is considered the weakest. Rub in the composition very lightly, barely perceptible, moving in a circular motion along the massage lines around the eyes. If you have circles or bags under your eyes, use your fingertips to gently tap to stimulate blood circulation and help the cream penetrate better.

If your eyes are puffy after sleep and dark circles appear, use a herbal cooling gel or teabags. To do this, pour hot water over two tea bags and refrigerate. Then apply them to your eyelids and leave for ten minutes, apply a moisturizer.

Make a nourishing eye cream at home to help smooth out fine lines and fatigue. Take a teaspoon of liquid flower honey and mix with the same amount of glycerin. Add five tablespoons of mineral water and a teaspoon of gelatin powder. Place the container with the mixture in hot water for ten minutes, then mix everything again, or better whisk. Use the cooled mixture as an eye cream, which can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

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