❶ Natural Oatmeal Face Masks

❶ Natural Oatmeal Face Masks
❶ Natural Oatmeal Face Masks

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Natural Oatmeal Facials
Natural Oatmeal Facials

Oatmeal has long been considered one of the healthiest dietary products. They contain vitamins of groups A, B, K, E, many trace elements, organic acids, starch, etc. In addition to the fact that oatmeal has a positive effect on the liver and intestines, regulates metabolic processes and the absorption of fats in the body, it also has a beneficial effect on face skin. Location: Location:

It is on the basis of oatmeal that simple but very effective face masks can be prepared, which can have a firming, soothing, cleansing, refreshing, smoothing, rejuvenating, whitening and toning effect on the skin. These masks nourish the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

The most common recipe is as follows: you need to pour a tablespoon of flakes with hot water, stir until the consistency of thick sour cream and apply the mixture on the face, being careful not to touch the area around the eyes. The duration of the mask is a quarter of an hour, after which the mixture must be washed off with warm boiled water or a decoction of chamomile flowers. The result will be slightly lightened and dried skin without oily sheen.

For sensitive and irritated skin, a mask of oatmeal and milk (1: 3 ratio) with the addition of carrot juice is very effective. To increase skin tone, you need to prepare a mask of oatmeal, freshly squeezed orange juice and honey, taken in equal proportions, but this mixture is not recommended if you are prone to allergic reactions.

In the case of dry skin, you need to combine oatmeal and sour cream (1: 2 ratio), and after the mass has swollen, add a little lemon juice or mix the flakes with the same volume of olive oil and honey. For oily skin, apple cider vinegar is added to this mixture instead of oil.

A mask consisting of oatmeal, kefir, honey (proportions 1: 2: 1) and a pinch of salt is suitable for any face skin. This mask is recommended for regular evening use. As a morning nourishing session, after which the skin will have a fresh and healthy look, you can use a mixture consisting of equal parts of cereal, olive oil, milk yogurt, honey.

The mask of oatmeal, tea leaves and honey (equal proportions) is very popular. A mixture of these components must be poured with water and properly heated in a water bath. Apply the mask on the face in a thick layer and cover with a napkin. After 15 minutes, it must be washed off with boiled water at room temperature.

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