❶ Buying Cosmetics: Reasonable Savings

❶ Buying Cosmetics: Reasonable Savings
❶ Buying Cosmetics: Reasonable Savings

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Buying cosmetics: reasonable savings
Buying cosmetics: reasonable savings

It happens that girls, in their quite understandable desire to be irresistible, spend incredible amounts of money on various cosmetics. But, unfortunately, the costs do not always justify the results obtained. How to make your purchases more efficient and less costly for your wallet? Location: Location:

Be more practical about those funds that you already have - review more often to use what you have, but for some reason forgotten or "lost" in your own bag.

Make sure that cosmetics are stored correctly: it should be well closed, it has no place in the bathroom or in the kitchen, and even more so in your refrigerator.

Never buy cosmetics from the market, as they are often stored there in the wrong conditions, which is why they often deteriorate very quickly. In good stores, on each shelf there are samples of not only decorative cosmetics, but also creams. If you select the necessary products with their help, then you will not need to overpay for an unsuitable product.

Go to the store with a ready-made list of what you need. In addition, it is advisable to at least roughly calculate how much money you are willing to spend on it. Never let sellers talk you into it. They know their business well and can unobtrusively force you to buy something you do not need.

When choosing any cosmetic products, look at their composition and compare with each other. Firstly, the product should be suitable for your skin and hair type, and secondly, if the composition of two different creams (with different prices) are the same, then why overpay? In addition, pay attention to the volume of cosmetics - so you will have a real idea of ​​its cost.

Pay attention to new products that are just on sale. As a rule, they are not very expensive at the beginning and are of higher quality.

Cosmetology professionals always advise to take very high quality tools for applying cosmetics. For example, a high-quality blush brush will allow you to apply even mediocre blush to your face well, and a bad one will spoil the impression of good ones.

Try not to buy two-in-one products. Firstly, they raise doubts about the quality, and secondly, they cost the buyer more. It is better to buy two separate products - they will be larger in weight and volume, and you will be able to use them much longer.

Don't buy cheap face creams and toners. As a rule, they do not fulfill their main functions, and you will have to buy several more in order to achieve the desired result. Saving on creams can lead to irreparable harm to your health.

You can easily replace many cosmetics with natural products. To make yourself a great face or hair mask, it's better to spend money on suitable vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc.

Sometimes, to save on makeup, you can slightly change the way you apply it. For example, applying shampoo twice in small portions while shampooing will help you use it longer. Or you can use an economical mode of applying cleansing and moisturizing masks: intensively for a month, and then little by little - once a week or less.

There are also several ways to save money, using only what you have, and not buying anything else. For example, mascara can easily replace liquid eyeliner. To do this, just dip a thin brush into the tube. The lengthening mascara can be used as a volumizing mascara by slightly powdering the lashes before applying. Foundation can replace beige eyeshadow by dripping it on the eyelid and then blending it with your finger.

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