❶ What Your Figure Can Tell

❶ What Your Figure Can Tell
❶ What Your Figure Can Tell

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What your figure can tell
What your figure can tell

Female figures are divided into several conventional types: triangle, rectangle, pear and hourglass. Their differences are in the features of the physique, and in character traits, and in the propensity for one or another type of activity. Perhaps a more detailed description of their figure will help someone learn something new about themselves. Location: Location: Triangle Woman

Defining a woman of this type is not at all difficult. She has broad shoulders and narrow hips. This figure is athletic with a well-developed shoulder girdle. The triangle woman has typical masculine qualities: a strong will and an unshakable desire to win. Difficulties do not stop her, and she often achieves the task. She is too harsh, not inclined to show concern for others, but she also does not expect help and understanding. Women with such a figure are able to achieve everything themselves and in their actions are often superior to a man. The intellectual potential of "triangles" is more inclined to activities related to securities, finance, law, and cardiac surgery. They can devote their whole life to these professions, and sometimes to the detriment of their personal lives.

Woman - rectangle

It is immediately noticeable on the equally wide shoulders and hips. Between them, the waist is lost and a general visual perception of the rectangular figure is created. A woman of this type is fixated on herself, but this does not prevent her from paying attention to the opinions of others. She has a high intellect, artistry and vivid imagination. In life, "rectangles" are clearly defined. They know exactly who they want to be by profession. Moreover, they devote all their time to work. She is for them the purpose of existence. They make good leaders, since the flow of their ideas is an inexhaustible source, and the ability to manage the work process is always at a high level, and they cope with it without difficulty.

Hourglass woman

This is a type of figure with a thin waist and uniform hips and shoulders. Their manners are as graceful as their camp. They are attentive, impressionable, amorous, graceful, smiling, endowed with good intuition. They are the soul of the party. However, their character is often unbalanced. Either they are energetic, self-confident and work tirelessly, then they are apathetic, looking for a catch in everything and succumb to laziness. They rarely sacrifice their family for career advancement. Personal relationships are highly valued for them.

Pear woman

This is the most attractive and feminine body type. Their physique is characterized by a narrow torso and wide hips. Such a woman is quite delicate, tactful, attentive to the opinions of others, often afraid of offending someone. Her spiritual and intellectual potential is able to fully express herself only in creative work. Women of this type have good intuition. In achieving some goals, it is she who plays a good role for them. For "pears" it is important to feel love for oneself, therefore, if she does not receive it in the family, then she easily starts a romantic relationship on the side.

Distinctive features of female figures are rather arbitrary. And in each case, the traits of one type or another can be influenced by negative or positive emotions experienced at work or in personal life.

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